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November 13, 2008


CCL Wendy

I'm thrilled to see more of Finnegan on CWC!
I knew he was a very special kitty, but didn't know too much about his background before he was adopted by our vet. You can tell from this new picture and the video that he is a very affectionate fellow! He's absolutely adorable. I look forward to seeing him again at our next vet appointment -- coming soon!


What a great story :)


This is amazing and we have to look at the big picture here.

I met CCL Wendy because her cat Dante's breeder had posted photos of him and he was so gorgeous that I asked him if his PURRson would like to join our crazy cat lady group.

CCL Wendy did join us and I turned her on to CWC when Chris posted my photos.

Wendy sent Chris the picture of Finnegan.

Michelle recognized Finnegan aka Paco.

Michelle sent Chris the photo and video of Paco.

I LOVE IT... CHRIS you are a conduit for all CCLs.

CWC is not just for SNARKY it's also for warm and fuzzy like this story about Paco/Finnegan!


WOW! REALLY this could help a bunch of special needs pets! I got my second dog from a "craigslist" add. They did not tell me she was "special needs".. We love her just the same. It is just that animals take people and grab hearts..

CCL's and other animal loverz...hahaha I put a "Z" on it. There are SO MANY sweet and loving pets that are not "PERRfect"! THEY ARE SO THE ONES TO GIVE A LOVING HOME! Please?


I will be going with my sister to the Ottawa Humane Society within the next couple of weeks to adopt a cat ... I am looking very forward to meeting Finnegan.
I'll wear my CWC t-shirt!!
Both Natasha and Tess (famous synchronized sleepers) were adopted from the Ottawa Humane Society.

Sarah aka KB

Hehe, great pic! But when the blue screen of death comes up... it may have something to do with cat hair!


Now there's a cat who has his eye on the prize and one in a biohazardous waste bin in Ontario.
He's no Paco or FInnegan... just a lucky and well cared for kitty, due to his extremely sweet personality and the great people who have helped him live his life.


Aww, this is such a great story! What
a wonderful kitty he is, now that he's
all healed up. We can see he loves
to be petted, belly rubs and so playful.
He sure is a cutie!


That is the cutest thing. He looks so squishy and adrorable. Love him well.


Awwww! Finnegan is just a beautiful cat! Seems like he has personality!

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