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November 11, 2008



"Sponsored by VIEWERS of"?!?!?

We're CULTISTS, dammit!


She is adorable! Way to go Calvin, and fellow cult members. I'll wear my button with some extra pride today.


MARIE! That's my sister's name- She's also a CCL! Excellent example to set for your CULT... support your faFURite animal rescue! One of the things I did was to have a garage sale of all my overflow cat things that students gave me, presents, little statues etc... when we downsized our home and didn't have room for all of it anymore. All the money went to my faFURite local rescue. Thanks again to CALVIN and CHRIS for my button!


Cool Calvin! I work for a shelter and so a big ol' generic thanks for turning your talent into something so wonderful as sponsoring a shelter pet to find a new, loving home. YAY!


Chris, you never stop amazing me. I wish I'd made more BUTT ONs, I didn't think at that time Chris would email me back given the number of emails sent to him and that he was so busy preparing for the show and thank you for all your nice comments.


I bought a button at a Toronto show and when I got home to British Columbia, I mailed it to my fiancée in the Philippines. Soon we'll have a pic of my little filipina with a CWC button made in Hong Kong to support a dog in California! It's a global village!


Calvin, you are my hero!

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