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November 30, 2008



It was so worth it! We didn't expect the crazy traffic, but amazingly got there with time to spare. Great show! Thank you!


=( We were in traffic from Vegas for 11 hours... We just walked in the door at 12AM.

Totally wanted to make it to the story hour. So bummed. I'm sure it was awesome!


No, thank you, Chris. Yes, the traffic and parking were insane (stupid Santa), but it was so worth it. Amazing show.

Pookie Burdette

Please see if you can work that into your next story.


Dear Chris:

You were totally wicked! You should have stuck around and let us take photos with you.


McGee 27-teen

I now feel compelled to check your site even more often since it took me a humiliating two days to find the picture of me that you posted earlier this week! All that traffic was for a friggin Santa Claus parade? REALLY? LAME-O. But you're totally worth it! I'm bringing my mom to see you next weekend, she's a recovered crazy cat lady. I now have all the cats.

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