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November 02, 2008


Sean Halsey

I like this cats face,
that is all

stompie smax

my cat has similar coloring, and although there's no line down the middle of her face, she does have all black pads on the paws of her left feet, back and front, and mixed pink and black ones on her right feet. i'd submit a picture, but she'd probably claw my face off if i tried to touch her feet long enough to snap a photo.


My tortie cat has her face split down the middle and rude people say it's ugly but that is so rude, I don't go up to their stupid infants and proclaim how ugly their baby is!

Here's my tortie cat sleeping with her boyfriend, Moose the St. Bernard, yet trying to deny her love. You can see the color split down the middle..


You've clearly photoshopped your two-faced cat to make it's freakish half blue/half green eyes appear a normal yellow color. Nice try, but we're onto you. ;)


The 'split' face isn't a the

It's the eyes.

Your cat has the same color eyes.

The end.


Jessica! its a pretty cat! shes just trying to show the kind of things that can happen at random even if its against the odds! Like that one cat with a big black heart shape on its chest.


hey there Leigh!
i'm glad you and your two faced kitty made it through ike alive and well. i'm from clear lake, and my dad is in league city and luckily he made it through ok too.


Hey Patricia, that's awesome that you guys made it through Ike. My boyfriend's family was not so lucky, their house got destroyed. So my bf lives with me now, which means spoiled Princess Peanut of Kittenia has TWO people on hand to completely ruin her.


Sorry, Petrina... I misread your name the first time.


i have the same kind of cat. people love her.

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