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November 02, 2008



Blah Blah Blah


Lol, foremost expert. You give yourself that title?


world's foremost expert? hahaha yeah right. you really didnt say much at all in your lengthy diatribe. I say you are an amateur.


I'm guessing this guy is the same nutter who recently posted this message on the post titled "Two-Face 3":
"You lying sack of shit, I downloaded the supposed "original" you had up on Webshots and, dee, dee, dee! There's no exif data you fucking moron! You know if you're going to lie you could at the very least try and not make it so damn freakin obvious. Especially since your dumbass mentioned what camera you supposedly used, a camera that sho' nuff, tags every single image taken with exif data giving the make, model, time of capture, etc, etc. The cat may be real, but the eye certainly is not. Again, that's not to say it isn't impossible for a calico cat to have two different colors of eyes, but this one ain't it. Also rather convenient, the limited number of pictures you have, most of them not showing the cats eyes...conveniently. Judging by the cats age in the first pic posted you must have had it for at least a couple years before it ~conveniently~ ran off. And as you already said, you've got a digital camera, so it's not like you ever had any limit on film or anything, seems rather incredible that given such a rare looking cat you would have taken so few pictures...the majority of which, again, don't even show the unique eyes."

I'm confused as to why this person is so irate about a silly post on CWC...World's foremost expert? Thanks for the laugh Matthew.

Here are some more pictures of Gemini. It made me a believer.


Has anyone talked to Carm about this? What does she think?


whether or not this is real is beyond me but if it is fake who ever did it did a really good job


Thanks for the link, Lisa! I was always a bit dubious (not as much as our friend Matthew, but a bit), and those pics have made me a believer too.

Matt, dear... one of the benefits of being the foremost expert in ANYTHING is that you never actually have to say it: google would say it for you.

Onideus Mad Hatter

No, Google really wouldn't actually. Some of the best artist in the world, in a variety of fields, go completely unrecognized, often until long after they're dead...even in this day in age. For myself, I'm a big fan of invective word art, verbal conflagration, Internet/Usenet performance art and the such I've developed quite a reputation and I have no shortage of people who continually try and "get back" at me for all the "horrible" things I've done. As such, much of the work I do is done in secret, in order to protect my clients from those I call Hatter Addicts, who would not hesitate to attack them if they thought it would bother me. Most often I work under sub-contracted, sub-contract work. Most people and companies never realize this, but a lot of times when you hire someone on to do a job for you...well they may not actually be the one doing the job. They get all the credit of course, but you get most of the money and they handle all the wheelin and dealin, which is good for artists like myself who don't really like to deal with clients. As I said in the email though, I spend a *LOT* of time doing eye correction on photos and I've got the work to prove it:

And to that other idiot posting that Webshots link, yeah, we've seen it already, there aren't any relevant pics on there, nice try. For one, any pics of him as a kitten will be worthless since as a kitten both eyes will be blue...of course you can't even see his eyes anyway in most of those shots anyway (conveniently).


jesus christ. all of this for a photo of a cat?

Onideus Mad Hatter

Steele - It took me all of about 7 minutes to make the picture I submitted, so it's not as if I spent hours and hours of my life on this. Further, I'm sure for *YOU* this topic holds very little interest (and yet you're posting in it anyway, likely because you're an idiot), however, to those of us who are graphic designers, we derive great pleasure out of discussing and debating digital editing techniques, manipulations and the like. This is, quite frankly, our bread and butter. As it's obviously not yours I would recommend you find something better to do with your time than running around the Internet bellyaching about what other people are doing.


And yet I see no logical explanation for you being so intensely irate over this. And calling people idiots who have done nothing idiotic...really mature, mate.


Heh its still funny how many experts think this cat is fake, this post just makes me mad that the thing ran away so long ago, i just hope it found another home nearby and its new owners stumble upon this.


Actually, I'd like to know where Matthew's knowledge of genetics and embryology came from. Eye color doesn't fully develop until after birth, and defects in production of the pigment can result in differential deposition, regardless of the animal's color. My Pepe was a fluffy orange tabby with very little white on him, but he had one green eye and one blue eye - no Photoshop needed. It's a curious anomaly, but it happens. 'Nuff said.

Onideus Mad Hatter

Well if you really want to try and "prove it" you could always put up fliers around town, it's not like it would take much effort. I'm assuming you never did that in the first place, after all, a dichromatic cat is pretty rare, even if someone stole it, it's likely they were mouthing off about it to their friends, random strangers, etc and likely one of them would call you up and give you a lead.

Again though, I'm still mostly skeptical, all evidence provided so far indicates that the pic is fake. I e-mailed various cat experts, breeders, veterinarians and the like (copied and pasted the same e-mail about a dozen time) and they were all adamant that the color combo didn't match. The cat would have to be all white or mostly all white, otherwise the bichromatic eye would be impossible save for some extremely unlikely chance mutation.

If the cat is indeed real, I'm afraid you passed up your chance at making the history books.

Onideus Mad Hatter

Sorry Cody, but you're flat out wrong. All those experts that I e-mailed as well as all information on the web clearly states that the cat must either be white or mostly white in order to have dichromatic eyes. If you think it's possible I challenge you to provide some reference pics. In my data archive I currently have 17 pictures of dichromatic eyed cats and in all of them they are either white or nearly all white. Even in the pictures I have that are suspected photoshops there are only two that don't match up with that fact and those both have red and purple eyes (obviously fakes).

If you had a cat like that and it wasn't fixed, it would quite literally be worth millions if it could pass on its dual eye color along with very little white. If it were possible it would not take an experienced breeder very long to produce a completely non-white dichromatic eyed offspring, which could then be sold in designer breed markets for thousands of dollars.

Speaking of which, check out these Toygers: that's some cool breeding.


Matthew, your ego precedes you

Onideus Mad Hatter

Cat - I should hope so. I am an arrogant bastard like no other, my experience and knowledge have made me very egotistical and I can assure you I flaunt my abilities and skills with near reckless abandon...often with a result of a heavy priced to be paid by whomever should stand to question what I can do graphically. As a general tip, it's advisable to never cross me if there are pictures of yourself online, lest you want to be realistically photoshopped into some incredibly embarrassing situation:


im wrong about what? this cat existing? because thats all i said. Or are you saying the pictures are fake? for the last time, they arnt fake, this was a house cat, we took pictures, we took pictures of many of our cats, you cant 'prove' something is fake when its not, you can only say its against the odds. This is not a yeti, it is not bigfoot, it is a cat and this is not an episode of 'best evidence'. We spent a few days asking neighbors if they had seen it, the nearest 'town' is 9 miles away so not much point in fliers although if its as rare and valuable as you say then maybe we should. As far as being mostly white, in this picture

doesnt seem to have alot of white on its back, cant tell you how much white is on the bottum though. Not sure if its a true calico anyways, doesnt that reqiure 5 colors? 2-face is only orange/white/black


Oh yeah, it was fixed too, it had kittens once but they all died because first, the cat was very very small and thin for an adult, and second, it was a horrible mother, hid the kittens somewhere and never went back. Does it make sense to you that the other cats would not like 2-face, this mutant?


ok mr. photoshop smarty-pants, if ya say so.

Frankie (I'm a girl!) in Oz

geez people...settle down.

Ana Bananna

omg, this joint is dork central & i'm a member.... ahhhhhhhhh!


It's been months now and idiots still refuse to believe that this is a real cat. I'm amazed that your head still hadn't exploded by your big ego. You went through all of this just to prove this cat is fake?
It's just a cat! Who cares if it's real or fake? Get over it!


This!?! AGAIN!?! Man, I leave the blog for five months and I come back for one quick peek and THIS....Pssshaw!


It's quite possible that Gemini is chimera twin, in which case the possibility of an odd-eyed calico would be irrelevant. Here are some interesting links I found on this condition: (gives a scientific explanation of how chimera twinning occurs) (interesting case of a woman whose dna tests revealed that here children were not genetically hers--or at least, not the dna from that part of her) (very interesting story about a male-female chimera)

There are differing opinions about how common this condition is, but apparently it is naturally occurring, is often linked to severe birth defects (possibly why none of Gemini's kittens survived into adulthood), and is known to happen in all species (including humans).
But I'm sure you already knew that, Onideus Mad Hatter, seeing as you're not only an expert in photoshop, but also at finding lost cats AND genetics/embryology, apparently.

Hey, here's a question for ya: how much coke can you snort off your own ego?

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