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November 02, 2008


Frankie (I'm a girl!) in Oz

haha..that is priceless!


His face is saying "Doh!! why are you taking my picture?"


omg I love Dante! He is so freakin adorable! And just hanging out in the shopping cart. I love it.

When I get a kitten I am totally doing this.


Ha!!! If i ever brought my cats to the store, they would end up ripping my skin off.
Such chickens.

Ana Bananna

what the hell? cats in bags, cats in purses, cats in shopping carts... oh yeah, i forgot, i'm hangin' out in cwc land...


Dante always has the same expression on his face... can he do other looks? happy? sad? pouty? angst-ridden?
As for Walter's expression, I'm not going to comment.


Hello, Chris!
Just wanted to sat that tonight's show was absolutely fantastic!
Thoroughly enjoyed it!

c h r i s s y

I can't believe he's just sitting there! Impressive!


I would give anything for a cat I could go shopping with!! Dante is so awesome!!


That is truly the awesomest of all cats.


That's a really cool f---ing cat. Seriously.


It's Aslan! Amazing kitty. Looks perfectly at ease.


I think Walter is saying "WHAAAAAAAT?"


Thats awesome, i wish i could take my Cat there but she has a thing where shes deathly afraid of anyone but me, so.... it wouldnt just work



and we so proudly serving our corporate masters...sigh...


woot, i work at petsmart, so awesome when people bring in their pets


Yeah that's me. Can't remember why I had the look. I know why I had (have) the gut. As for Dante, this is his usual look (friendly); he has two others: curious, same but bigger eyes; pissed off, with a perfectly horizontal uni-brow.


He is a beautiful boy. If he was ours we'd take him everywhere too. (Our cats hate going anywhere cause they think every car trip is a visit to the vets :(

Josh Lipson

"EH stop it with the damn camera! I have to be home to watch price is right!"

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