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November 03, 2008



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You should have asked her. Carm is WONDERFUL!


LMFAO "holly shitfuckers" That just made my day.
Same for me, I was to shy to ask Carm D:


Great closeup!

c h r i s s y

Carm seems really friendly/approachable to me. You should have asked! I bet she would have been thrilled. You'll have to ask her on her next post!

NO NAME FOR YOU! (name nazi)

Naw, Carm is really nice!

Nice makeup!


Fucking holy pieces of shit does not sound fun. .___.


Lmao, no, fucking holy pieces of shit does NOT sound fun but it does sound fun to say that word, which is why I said it in my letter to Chris.

I am very angry with myself. I should have stayed longer and I should have gathered the courage to ask Carm for a photo. I would have died for a photo with Chris as well. Because he's my hero and junk.
Just like Chris, I don't like connecting with others.

Thank you for the compliments on mah face. :)

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