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November 23, 2008



I think if you were shirtless and put those to a different use, that never would have happened.


If he euthanizes without quarantining first, then he'll need to cut the head off for rabies testing. Especially in Oklahoma.


Cut the head off? Ew, and I was just eating my breakfast and now have to think about a headless office dog ;)

Sarah aka KB

No! Don't, not just after one bite! The key is good training. I suggest you look into obedience school as soon as possible.

Frankie (I'm a girl!) in Oz

definitely don't put it down after just one bite. Maybe it just needs a chewing toy.... you could try a manila folder or the like....


Clearly not a first bite incident! Look--poor Shane is missing ends of his other fingers!


Grey hair = HOT HOT HOT

At least in this case...


just craziness

Matt Blank

I think, for purely medical reasons, we need to have shirtless photos to ensure that there weren't any other bites. Then, and only then can we be sure.


I see Shane also has a couple of pet caterpillars.


Shane, I'm so sorry for your troubles with your office dog. However, I can see by your face that you have not mastered the art of being calm and assertive. Your office dog is clearly reacting to your energy.


shane = hubba hubba


Why did you pinch your puppy? Bad Shane, Bad Shane.
Now I'm worried about our office dog Clipper and the fish at work.


Yeah if he were shirtless, it would have been soooo much better. Suck it Tanya!


I know Shane was joking, but this caption made me sick to my stomach.

PLEASE invest in compassionate, established training.

May I suggest The Third Way by Chris Bach? Pretty astounding stuff...

In the last month alone I've seen it do wonders for two families with dogs that have bitten people.


Or, you know, superglue his muzzle shut.


shane, he just bit you b/c you are one tasty piece, don't retaliate in such a hateful way!!! let office dog down easily telling him you just don't like him "that way", sheesh! then, if he starts to get all pervy on you, feed him to your shredder or bury him outside. =D


can I adopt office dog???


Sadly, our office dog ran away on my night off. I think Clipper couldn't take the pressure and just snapped.


everybody's *special*

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