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November 02, 2008



whoa dude it looks like my room x'D


whoa,dude is right. Looked like my room, too. 35 years later, I still have rooms plastered with horse aht and collections and tack, blahblahblah. This horse craziness is as obsessive as CCLdom, but more expensive, intense, and hard work (much bigger boxes of poo). Good rides forever,Gabrielle!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Single Kelly

Haha, I do hunter/jumpers as well. My room looked very much like that when I was 15.


Ahhh awesome! :D Thanks for posting, Chris.

And it's cool to meet other hunter/jumper CWC fans too. :)


lol some of the people over at would love this

Sarah aka KB

That's a LOT of pictures...

We've got pictures of Carm and the start of the Story Hour over on Culty. Click my name and come see!


For up-to-date posts on the Chris Leavins Story Hour happening right now and pictures from Saturday night's CWC LIVE in Toronto, click my name.


I have the same LP bag.

Henning Christensen

Uhm, why the heck is Spiderman there?? Is he a horse in disguise? xD just wondering....



lol. I hadn't even noticed the Spiderman. Awesome.


There's a lot of non-horse stuff up there. That painting next to the picture with the ribbons on it is an okapi I painted last year. Next to it is a signed picture of Diana Krall, and above that are two inner covers of old spiral notebooks I decorated.
Above the two nuzzling Norwegian Fjords is a bunch of random stuff. Two drawings from my friends, my babysitting certificate, and some stuff from Paramount Pictures and Sony Pictures.


"If you don't know the horse girl, you ARE the horse girl" - Nataliedee

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