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November 03, 2008



Shadow the Beaglejack's story is EPIC WIN.

Pure awesome!

Chance (also, I'm a girl)

Wow that was fast - I was just showing my friend our awesome discovery of what I just learned is a CULT for cute animals and YOU - SWEET - when I saw Shadow's face already on your page.

Also I'm a girl. Probably the only girl named Chance. Ever. Unless you count the handful of cute female doggies and kitties.

Keep up this great contribution to humankind.
- Chance


Now this is what we sic peoples come here for!
Great narrative and Natural born cuteness!!

Carrie from Toronto

I just started keeping up with CWC myself, and my beagle/rotty Jake was featured a couple of days ago!

The cuteness prevails!

Billy Bob The Pirate

Today foxtail tomorrow cocaine, keep an eye on the little guy for any Winehouse like symptoms.


ZOMG This is the cutest Puppy ever! I'm glad he smells better :D


Welcome to the Cult Chance!!! I have a picture of one of my cats next to a Mountain Dew can...I think I'm going to submit it. We could start a whole new category!

Jill, 37-teen

CCL Wendy

You weave an awesome "tail"! And Shadow is just the cutest little puppy ever. I'm just curious how he could "snort" a fox tail. How big was this thing?

c h r i s s y

I think it's neat that your name is Chance and your dog's name is Shadow like HOMEWARD BOUND. Ah. This is about the 3rd time I've referenced that movie on CWC. I might be obsessed.


Yay my dog's name is Shadow.


This puppy is soo adorable....
I could just eat him up!!
So Cute!!!!

And that's all I have to say! =)


holy fuck i think is the cutest puppy pic ive ever seen. seriously, i think i just had a love that you actually just used the phrase "rotten carnie shit" LMAO!!!!!!!!!


No, Chance.

He's a mutt.


Ive taken to writing on the notebooks of students who sit next to me when ever they arent looking. im really hoping that one of them, someday, will come up and ask, "hey have you ever heard of CWC" someday......


Hey Chance, my friends name is Destiny..perhaps one day you'll meet!


Aww, he's so cute. I never thought of a beagle/jack russell cross before. But it's an excellent compination.
Look at those big eyes!

I can't even remember how I found this show, I think it may have been featured on Youtube at one point and thought I'd give it a go.
I'm glad I did, now I have yet another cult to follow!

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