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November 19, 2008


c h r i s s y

I'm a poor European and African Studies student in OHIO, can I get a free viewing!?


Holy crap, Gus is cute!


Im a closet actor. Can I come for free?

Cardboard Box Fairy (thnx Sarah!~)

Chris you are so amazing for giving people a chance at their dreams ... your kindness really makes me want to be a better person.



Thanks Chris!

you've no idea i screamed when i saw that picture!

your show was brilliant, i'll be looking forward to seeing it again! haha

Ivan Valle

Omg that is my cusin gus he is so luky to have met you ....he loves you.....
Hears proof


Need advise on projectors. I don't have a million bucks but I like the size of the projection Chris gets with the duo bunnies on stage and the projection on the side of the building at his live show. I want to do this at my wedding.

Can you give me an idea of an economic model I can buy (craigslist) that will give me this height?


Okay, I feel ripped off. Was November 9th the only performance you chose NOT to come out and meet your non-psychopathic viewers? There were about 25 of us in the audience, and after the performance everyone was hanging around going, "What, that's it? He's not gonna come out and say hi?" After a while we just wandered off feeling a little gypped.

We're definitely in the non-psychopathic category, so what gives, Chris? (We really enjoyed the show otherwise, though!)

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