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November 20, 2008



Ahh, the memories...I'm pretty sure this is the same chick that took a picture of me and my husband in front of the same picture! Great times were had by all Chris, thanks!


Hey that's my name tag design! :D It's so awesome that people from so many different places coverge to enjoy Chris' shows.


thats dedication! i live in cleveland but i wasnt gonna drive that far....sorry chris dont murder me


hahaha - NOT Donna!


Yay, Chris (not Donna), for posting my pictures! I laughed that you even posted my favorite Salvation Army wedding pic. I have no idea who those people in the picture are, but even so, it's been a part of my decor in numerous apartments and dorm rooms that I lived in during college and it's been displayed on the mantle at my house for almost five years now.


I once purchased a whole box of pictures at an antique store. I fell in love with one of them, but felt badly about buying just one because there was a whole family story told there -like the bright and happybeautiful young bride, who was later pregnant, had a set of twins, husband was leaving for the war, one of the twin died (no longer bright and happy), husband no longer shows up in pictures. Died in the war? The mystery continues.

I bought them all and have a few on my wall, hoping someday between myself and my husband, someone new will come into our home and recognize Aunt Martha, or Great-Grandma Jones. It's so sad.


I'm not whining you understand, and I certainly applaud Sarah for the long drive, but why does everyone (including Chris) seem to think the ultimate sacrifice is to drive to Toronto from Ohio?

I drove 17 hours from Mississippi to get to the Sunday story hour and CWC Live show. Then I drove back on Monday.


Okay, I'm whining.

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