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December 21, 2008



MMMmmm. Delightful. So It's 1:15am, and what's a girl to do at this hour? Yeah I've been looking through your old posts on here, and seeing as I'm also Canadian... well I was drawn to the Canada category. I found to my delight that you originate from Saskatoon... as do I. Neat! If you ever stop by in the next months you should probably do a show.. I'd come for sure. So you have at least one for sure audience member. And hey you can even come over to my place for coffee and some CBC viewing, now wouldn't that be special? In the fall I'm moving to Fresno for about 3 years to go to seminary... so then you know, don't come to Saskatoon, cause then I'll be sad.

On another different yet similar note. I figured I'd better go through Imdb to see what Canadian filmed shows you've been on. As a owner of seasons 1 thru 5 of Nikita, I was pleased to find you are on one. I'm gonna pull out the episode tomorrow and delight in it. I must say the only other show out of the ones listed I probably watched was Due South. To bad you didn't make it onto X-files. I have season 1-9 of that, and man it's funny to see the Canadian actors on there. Even Brent Butt made it on. Ever watch Corner Gas? Probably lots of acting friends of yours have made it on there.
Ok I'll shut up now... I was just excited over your Saskatoonian-ness and Nikita appearance, that's all. Merry Christmas, and next time your in S'toon look me up. ;)


That was equally as disturbing as last year and maybe even more enjoyable because there was no shock factor.

Happy Holidays Chris!


that was amazing! I've never seen that episode before! You looked so YOUNG! like a lil' boy! Awww. but you're a man now. rarrrr...

you are special to my heart. Merry Christmas CHRIS!!!!


I love this video more than I can express.
Cat puke. Tis the season. Fa la la la la la la la la.
Merry Christmas, m'lord, and Merry Christmas to all the cult members who crack me up on a daily basis. You rock.

Courto in NY

Cute episode- one of my favorites! :)


Gross Chris. Totally gross. Merry CWChristmas buddy.


Merry Christmas, Chris. You looked so, well, refreshed back then. So lighthearted. What happened?
Seriously though, everyone have a good holiday.
PS-Darla the Robot kitty is too pretty.


this is why i love CWC.
happy holidays everyone!


Happy Christmas Chris and fellow cult members xxx
Amy, UK.


still love this ep


Awesome episode....great way to get x-mas started

Happy holidays


Most definitely a Christmas Classic!

Right up there with Miracle on 34th Street and It's a Wonderful Life... and better because it's kitty intense!

CWC has is certainly the gift that keeps on giving! Thanks to all who contribute their time and talent! Most of all thanks to the man who puts the CHRIS... in Christmas! Happy Holidays to all!

arielle in philadelphia

Chris I love you! That video put such a huge smile on my face! And you looked so young and hopeful. Now you just look manly and ravaged by the world. In a good way!
I loooooove you!!!!!!! and barf!


Yeow! This is still so fresh!! Uplifting!! Thankyou Chris, for restoring a festive holiday mood for all of us. I really needed that.


Merry Christmas Chris! Love YA!
The barfing cats are disgusting.........I'm sending them to everyone I know. :)

Mozz Kitty

The sad thing in all of this is that I remember this episode from last year... And then I though Oh dear have I really been watching this show for a year and a half now... I have never sent anything in before, and I'm sure your popularity has grown, or at least I have seen it done so, I'm not sure if anything I send will come through...


SERIOUSLY, tinsel can be life threatening to cats. DO NOT allow a cat to eat tinsel. It can cause a bowel obstruction requiring surgery, or even result in death. Don't believe me? Call a veternarian.


Merry Christmas, Chris!

Barf IS precious. Larry the barn cat proved that by throwing up in the laundryroom doorway at work this morning, to share his joy with all of us. It was the second best present this year. The first, of course, was this video. :D


This never gets old. It's so hard to not crack up laughing at work.

Orange Fescue

Ah, yes, tinsel from the anus. Haven't had that particular pleasure yet but I did get to pull raffia from my cat's anus. Oh, what a thrill that was. (And the funniest part is she's looking at me innocently as I type this, wondering why Daddies fingers are on the keyboard instead of behind her ears.)


...ahh...remember back in the good ol' days when CwC was really funny.


Incidentally, love the Christmas banner!


Love this. This is the first CWC video I saw & the reason I am a faithful cult member at all.

Frankie (I'm a girl!) in Oz

haha...yeah I can totally relate to the tinsel and the vomit.

Tried to pick up a scrunched up ball of tinsel from the carpet yesterday to find it was stuck..with cat vomit. That hasn't stopped her from eating more!



don't you think chris look older now just after 1 yr? he looked so good in that video..

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