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December 18, 2008



great shots, none of which are blurry!

a canuck

A house freezing cold in Texas?
Do you realize that means that outside the temperature must be below 32 degrees (or 0 in any other country in the world).

Get a parka.


Awesome and high quality! Especially that last pic with the sheep. It's both Emo-Pet and WYSPCH4.


Awww. Great pics. Looks like you've got one mischevious kitten on your hands. :)


Lucky is so adorable. Why does your fiance have a stuffed sheep?


very high quality (and adorable).
i was thinking of saying that in the absence of your heater, lucky could keep you warm, but then i remembered the story from a couple of weeks ago about the woman in florida who had 88 cats and put them on her at night to keep warm, and i creeped myself out.


She's so cute! Above and beyond the normal cuteness of the feline species.


non blurry and awesome

Emmy Celeste

This kind of stuff makes me miss having a kitty so much...mischievous little furry purrys!!!


I thought I was so witty cuz I was going to write a comment about how high-quality these pics of Lucky were but you CWC cult members beat me to the punch!


Everybody's special!


Mean old mama, you took the fun away! *ears flattened*
I have those same Reeboks.


That is a very cute sheep!! Cute kitty too.

Salina From Maui

Lucky is one very pretty cat! She has such a cute face. One that makes me all melty.


Never underestimate what a single cat can do with an unlimited supply of yarn. My (now deceased) cat Snowbell got into my mom's yarn basket once while the fam was out. She had cobwebbed two entire rooms by the time we returned. Just sitting there with a proud look on her face, as if to say "look what I made!" I wish I could find the photos I took.
I love the pouty/angry-face picture of Lucky. Priceless.

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