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December 04, 2008



I'm so sorry about your loss Alison. Frank was a BEAUTIFUL cat! White fur with blue eyes is my favorite. I'm so glad she blessed your life for 10 wonderful years. :)


that makes me think of my big orange cat Napoleon. He got sick and passed away tho.
I loved that cat.
Im sorry for your loss


big hugs alison.
i have a special cat that passed almost 3 years ago. she was cremated, and i wear a locket with some of her ashes in it, so she is always with me. it sucks losing a furry friend!


i'm sorry to hear about frank. you should always keep blue eyed white cats indoors for the reason that they are most of the time deaf and can't hear cars coming.


Good job Emilia! Way to rub salt in a wound!
And, by the way, Frank is a super name for a girl cat. I have a boy bird named Veruca! It's hard to lose your best friend Alison. I lost my Alice 2 years ago and it does get esier. :D




I can spell, bitches!


What a pretty kitty. :) Sorry to hear about your loss.


i no it hurts when ur cat is vikteny taken away from u i lost my cat simon.he daed in the dryer my mom didnt no he was in there and we were in charch so we didnt here him scraming


yes sometimes i stell cry

Courto in NY

aww that is so sad!! What a wonderful cat! Well at least you had some time with her and I am sure she appreciated it.


Hi Alison,
Lovely story... Beautiful kitty! You have to experience cats and fall in love with them. I never had a kitty until I was 43-teen and in the past 11 years they have been a large part of my life! I hope you will find another special friend to love- not to replace Frank-but to share the kitty-love with you!

the ceramic designer

is that true such blue-eyed white cats are normally deaf..?? i have exactly the same cat as frank and he's always slipping or knocking onto something.. poor eyesight too??

Amy UK

Much love Alison.
I lost two cats after 13 years of freindship last year and i still find things to remind me of them every day. True love lasts a lifetime! x

Salina From Maui

Alison, hugs to you! I'm sorry for your loss. Frank was a very pretty kitty, what a lovely creature.


i wasn't trying to kick her when down, jezebel, i was just letting her know that her cat wasn't an idiot or anything. these things happen. how was she supposed to know her cat was deaf?


I am so sorry for your loss. Frank was a very beautiful girl. I know you must feel really sad. She will always be with you. I have lost a pet recently (my german shepherd , Tolkein) and it does get better day by day. Be well sweetie.


Thanks everyone - she was a wonderful cat, but not deaf (only selectively...)

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