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December 10, 2008



Aww. What a sweet old lady. It looks a lot like my first dog. Lucy looks like she is/was very loved. :)


old dogs are the best dogs.


Seriously, what is with all of the blackmail? It's getting really old. Just let him post what he wants to post. Its his freaking website.


Blackmail is fun. :)

Sick doggies are not fun, but blackmail is!


Sounds like Lucy was a good dog to your family. Rest well old girl.

No Name

Not eating is no reason to put down your dog! Mabybe she just is not hungry. If she is not in any pain, then why put her down...

Sounds like the owners are tired.

Courto in NY

So sad :( Aw it's cute when older dogs get white hair on their face... poor thing...Unfortunately death is a part of life.


I find it sad that her life long companion is going to be put down and she jokes about her soul haunting you if she doesn't get her pic on a website. I think Lucy deserves better than to be used as blackmail in her last days.

That being said, Chris' website is one of the best and he can post or not post anything he chooses. Keep up the good work, Chris and may the Lord bless Lucy.



i had to recently put my dog down as well. i feel for you and for your family. it is a hard hard decision, its about quality of life. if lucy's quality of life is less than what makes her happy, why make her suffer just because you can't let her go.
lucy loves you. and emotional black mail obviously rocks or m'lord wouldn't post it.


Thank you for posting her picture! She is forever immortalized on And to whoever says not eating isn't enough reason to put an animal down, just be glad I didn't describe the other old-age symptoms she had.

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