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December 09, 2008



.....oh. and one more thing.... no biggy tho....


how old are you?


You could always do what I did Ali and spend your grocery money on CWC merchandise! lol

Long live the cult! =]

Garbage Day

Hey, you seem kind of pissed off Chris. You called Lynette a bitch, and a whore, and you said the word "Shit," though you have stated in another episode that you prefer the word "Pooh."
Are you stressed or something??

Arloe from Regina

I'm actually surprised by the lack of support for Lynette's comments (although this video does have less comments than usual, so maybe those in support are afraid of getting roasted if they say anything). This episode was great, because it was an actual episode of CWC - I totally agree that I have enjoyed CWC less than I did when I started watching due to a) lack of episodes on a regular basis b) emphasis on live shows which I cannot be a part of due to location (which is like watching other people talk about a club that you don't belong to). If I had turned into CWC for the first time during the last few months, I probably would not have returned. When I tell other people about the site, I always send them a link of and older episode, and frankly, I've stopped "recruiting" people into the cult at all because it's hard to sell people on it when the hook is ads for t-shirts instead of puppies and kittens. Sorry I hope that's not harsh, I still love you Chris, and I know you have a lot going on - which is totally understandable and a very GOOD excuse for lackluster material lately, however it does not mean that it makes for good watching just becasue it is a good excuse.


One crucial question, which Chris did not address:

Does he still go to Taco Bell?


Lol at your comment Jen. Now i've gotta go watch that video.


Chris, you're fabulous. Don't let anybody tell you you have to keep it real. Real kind of sucks.

Courtney in Arkansas

Jen, I still think he goes to Taco Bell no matter how many records he sells.


"Get outta my cult BITCH!"

I think that needs to be a new T-shirt!!!


I'm hoping that's not a hamster being fed to Dumbledore the Iguana.


Whatever Lynette said, I don't think you should be calling her an "ungrateful whore". That's taking it too far.


hi aamm amm it dosent means thaat i miss her, but i was wondering, where the F is carm the crazy cat lady?


I feel like I have new life breathed into me... Thank you Chris. I can go on living now :)
Can't wait for the next one!


WHAT?!?! chris is so keeping it real! :D


WHAT?!?! chris is so keeping it real! :D


WHAT?!?! chris is so keeping it real! :D


I'm sort of reminded of rick reality. why does everyone that hates you think you're not real, chris?


Cool! My long comment about that poor cat on the pole was flagged by typepad as potential spam! I wonder if this one will be too

Leanne from BC

i have never been more fulfilled than today when i discovered this new episode. thank you my lord. thank you!

c h r i s s y

Chris has a mini mullet but I dig it.

Also, I don't consider this the best episode ever and if you say that you must not have been watching CWC for very long...the older ones are the most hilarious. Ever. This one was still funny, though, and I support Chris in all his endeavors because I recognize his comic genius regardless. :D


Aren't we all sell outs?


Um, Niall? "Ungrateful whore" was the best part of that episode!


Awesome show!

Call Lynette a whore, again! That was hilarious!


Love Erks idea that

"Get outta my cult BITCH!" needs to be a new T-shirt except that she doesn't deserve to be immortilized!!

... If only she weren't such a whore...


I think you might want to kick "Niall" out of your cult, too.


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