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December 12, 2008



Or Satan himself!


We had 2 Siberian Huskies-Sparkle and Shana- just before the CCL phase of my life... Lovely dogs, but high strung and high maintenance.

8 cats are much easier to care for than 2 Siberian Huskies.


thanks for posting her, Chris.

charlotte of the united kingdom

my dog likes tissues too, the used one are the best; he is our little trash can.
maybe your dog is useing a cunning disguise so u feed him the tissues directly, lol.
but the chewing the leg thing is wierd maybe it tastes like tissue?


Aww, Martha is a doll. My hybrid eats his leg too. Have you tried spraying her leg with yucky tasting stuff? We initially had to have Mr. Wolf on anti depressants to calm him down so his leg could heal, but now we just use bitter sprays.


we have used bitter apple sprays, anti-biotic-yucky-tasting sprays, everything! She goes through phases every few years.


She might have doggy-eczema (if there is such a thing). My cat used to chew her tail when the weather got dry, because it was itchy. We started putting benadryl cream on her tail, and she was fine (plus, she hated the taste of the benadryl, so she left it alone and let it heal).


Definitely possessed. Maybe she prefers the trash lid to the normal cone?


Evan may want to take his dog to the vet. The green reflex is normal in dogs (just like human red reflexes are normal) but I don't think that the white retinal reflex is not normal in dogs. It may just be the angle of the picture, and it could be totally normal, but it might be worth checking out. :)

KT in MS

My solution to my dog getting into the garbage was to get bins with lids just smaller than her head should fit through. She was busted several times with the lid stuck on her head.


i have a Siberian husky and acts like this is typical separation anxiety. The biting on the leg is also a common sign. Bella my dog, learned how to rub her nose on the carpet and make it raw. Getting in the garbage can be very dangerous. Good luck.

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