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December 12, 2008



OH! so lucky! kitty did a good job freaking people out! I am so happy she/he ( i read the story never got a him or her out of it) will be fine!!! the stiches around the nose make me go "OUCH"


omg...I think I'm gonna go cry now.


i saw that cat on tv yesterday i think


jeez, that poor cat.


haha, you've gotta love the Carm-esque cat pun in the title of the article..."cat-astrophe"? Is this what journalism hath come to? Save us, Lord!


How awful, let's get it a NICE ORANGE BUTTON!




This looks JUST like a cat at my work who had his eye removed last week. It is eerie.
Alas - they did not put a button over his empty eye socket, I was dissapointed.

-I am very happy that this little kitty is ok! It is a scary world out there for cats (KEEP THEM INSIDE!)


James I am truly flattered... Carm-esque!

Poor Kitty! Indoors only!


Oh my god. Real is usually horrible. Can't somebody photoshop this kitty a pretty button?


How weird. Same thing happend to my first cat like 17 years ago. Walked right in the house with half his face hangin off like nothing was wrong after being gone for 5 days.

emilyrl from youtube! :)

Shizzle Bizzle Wow! (O.0)


Hopefully people will see this and keep their kitties inside. This kind of thing happens all the time. Thank goodness this cat was able to be helped.


Meg, I wish that were true...but I think most people with outdoor cats would rather they stay that way, whatever the consequences. I don't have cats but if I did I'd try to never let them out (unless they are on a leash--lol I have a friend whose cat does that wonderfully).


Franken-kitty! Good thing he's okay though! *phew*

Craig Wilsie

The thing I wonder about most is how a female cat got a name like Edgar?

the original stevie

Real IS usually horrible! Will try not to have nightmares...


There's a cat in my neighborhood who hangs out under cars. S/he usually runs away when the car starts, but I'm going to start checking under my car before starting it now.



"She even tried to chew at her skin.." that was a bit of too much info for me. urgh.

but i hope the cat is better by now!


Back when I was a brand new doctor of 25teen, many years ago, I saw a cat who had had a similar run-in with a car fan. Except in my case, the kitty's nose was sheared right off and dangling from a flap of skin and the wounds were all maggot-infested (it was July 4). There wasn't anything I could do except help kitty go live with the Baby Jesus. It's one of many reasons my own kitties don't go outside.

wes, wisconsin

HAhaha...It looks like two-face from the batman movies.

rhinoplasty Philippines

How about nose lift? I think the cat need that. :))


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