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December 16, 2008


NO NAME FOR YOU! (name nazi)

*holding back an explosive rant about today's teenagers and their spelling. Also how the average IQ is dropping and how she is scared about the future of the world since it's in the hands of children like...this.*

...cute cat.


See if Mommy and Daddy will save up and buy you an apostrophe or two, Megan.


OMG, Roxie looks like the late "Kitty Menendez," who was thus named because our two male cats would beat on her. We found out about a year later that Menendez had a slug in her, a result of being shot during her street-cat days.

Long Live Menendez!


I think there is more important things in life then complaining about my grammar :P But please excuse me for the pain Ive seem to cause.


Wow people.. I get pretty annoyed by poor spelling and what not, but her message really isn't that bad.. Certainly not bad enough to warrant 2 comments about her grammar. Chill.

Anyway, that's actually a really good photo!


Verb tenses, Megan. They're kind of important. There ARE more important things, pain you've SEEMED to cause. If you're going to retaliate against people mocking your grammar and spelling, at least make sure you don't give them (er, me) more fodder....

But your picture of Roxie is pretty :) Too bad your other cats are camera shy....

NO NAME FOR YOU! (name nazi)


I have NOTHING better to do than sit at my computer all day eating Doritos and being a hypocrite.

Oh, and watching Child's Play over and over again...but that's a whole other OCD filled story. o_o

So no, nothing important to do, it's just VERY annoying that your in SUCH a hurry to do whatever it is teenagers do (I wouldn't know, because I detest being a teenager...bad name) that you couldn't spare a few seconds in typing properly.

Oh, I'm sorry, but you might not be able too.

Sad day.

Grammar in spelling are getting me into Julliard, Megan. Grammar and spelling are getting me a damn good fall-back career (in case my acting fails...which I'm hoping it won't.) as a lawyer.

It's VERY important.


Just relax grammar nazis. Not all of us pull out our copies of "Strunk and White's Elements of Style" when writing an email. It's not like it's a literary essay. :3

NO NAME FOR YOU! (name nazi)

But it's obnoxious, so there.

And it's in my name, I can't help it.


Well, no name, you need to check your own post. See below:

"it's just VERY annoying that your in SUCH "
Don't you mean you're ? Just something that bugs me.

Megan you have a sweet kittie. Don't you think 5 are enough? Or is it is?


You know what else is obnoxious? People who complain about grammar. Can't we all just concentrate on cuteness, rather than antagonizing people because of their grammar?

NO NAME FOR YOU! (name nazi)



I see your point that there's a time and a place for the grammar, Natalie... in an IM or an email to a friend, no it doesn't really matter. Also, typos happen when you're writing quickly, so jumping on every single one is not cool.

However, (and it could just be me, I do buy grammar books for fun ^^) I think that if you are writing to someone whom you do not know, and you hope to have said message posted on a public forum (especially one full of crazy cult members like us) then it's pretty lazy not even to /attempt/ to write coherently. *shrug*.

And Elements of Style is an awesome book, though I prefer the good old fashioned MLA style guide. ;)


Roxie looks just like my cat, Zorra, as featured previously on CWC.


I have serious grammar pet peeves too, X. The most significant being: people who use the word "good" in the place of "well". As in, "I did good on that grammar test."
I just don't see why everyone ganged up on Meagan, when these comments should be about Roxie's cuteness.
I especially did not care for no name's "teenager" comment.
I'm 17 and I think my grammar is just fine, thank you.
But. I deem this grammar battle: over.


what is in that cat's ear? is it sick or something?

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