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December 18, 2008



Chris, you're sick.


Chris, if you're going to fake a french accent, do it right : the "h" in "heez would be silent, and all occurences of "Th" should be replaced by a "Z" or (gasp) a "V" (yes, some French people pronounce it this way... err ... Vees way)


well, hello frenchy :*


Not blurry enough...


Even after French kissing (you should excuse the expression) the dog, I wouldn't mind swapping spit with Guillaume.


The cat is all, I ain't menage a troising anything! Especially that dog!


Guillaume est si beau! Et son chien Ringo voit comme les miens :) Allez en Californie, tout de suite!

McGee 27

Okay, I love my dogs too, and I love the French. But my dog licks his ass and eats cat shit. I'm not making out with him, at least not without large quantities of listerine and systemic antibiotics nearby.



Single Kelly

Europeans are so kinky.
Oh baby. Oh baby.

NO NAME FOR YOU! (name nazi)

Once again...why Single Kelly is single.


Kelly, we are so the same page!

Lisette in Australia

When I'm Empress of the World,I swear,there will three kinds of people I will execute IMMEDIATELY on my ascension to the throne:people who spit in the street;folks who win prizes on radio contests and don't say 'thank you',and worst of the lot,vile dirty creatures who put their mouths and tongue on same orifice of their pet.This last group I will add disemboweling to their punishment.I'm not OCD or obsessive about hygiene,but seriously,you put your mouth to a oral area of a creature that sniffs poo,eats bugs and licks its own arse??And then you kiss your date with same? Ick Ick Ick!! Sorry,Guillame,I admire the fact that generally speaking the French are a libertine lot,but this dirty habit goes too far.If only Robespierre had purged all the puppy-tonguers instead of the nobility,France would be a much better place.
In short:quit it.It's disgusting.

NO NAME FOR YOU! (name nazi)

Lisette...why so serious?

Lisette in Australia

Moi...serious? Nah,just having a comedic vitriolic rant ala Chris.("Empress of the world" didn't tip you off?)Guess it came off more venomous than I'd hoped...whoops!
I've nothing personal against Guillame,but the dogkissing thing...eek! It really is gross.It's summer here and I've seen lotsa people exposing more wobbly flesh than is good for the eyes and doing icky things at the's a jungle out there peeps!
:-)So I guess I kinda lost it at one more example of bodily fluids being shared/displayed in a less than decorous manner.Oh well.:-)
Actually,Gui is kinda cute.If he was doing that to a girl...well,no problem!:-)


holy crap that's hot!!


The cat will be having none of that.


I just can't get past that thing growing under his left eye....really, what IS that?!?


looks like a giant mole. You should get that checked out, Guillaume.

Whitney Nicole

I'd still probably do him.
After some serious mouth washing.

Whitney Nicole

I'd still probably do him.
After some serious mouth washing.

Whitney Nicole

I'd still probably do him.
After some serious mouth washing.

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