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December 15, 2008



Please we need stories on itunes now!!!! It'd be like a CWChristmas mircacle!


uh...guess you had to be there to find that funny... :P


Oh no, me sad now... no more CWC Live!?!?!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...

okay, I'm slowly getting over it (with the love of my adorable fluff puff puppy).

Take a well deserved rest Chris. Happy Holidays and we'll be waiting for the revival in the New Year (something like Jan 6 or 7 right?!)


...and maybe someday I'll get to see bossy lou with the bacon.


Ohhh Chris, I love you haha.
Cannot wait for Story Hour to be available on iTunes !
I wish I lived nearer to LA or Canada.


I think I just made the tiniest little poop. He's scary.


That was the first time i've seen scary chris..

Scary Chris is scary. No Pictures!


Thank You for Chris's RAGE!


Ya crazy ass psycho!:P

Thank you from the cult

The cult says thank you:


Psycho Chris strikes in LA, teenager dies after tragic meet with camera.


OMG Chris made me start crying when he yelled like that...

the original stevie

Haha! More people need to talk to teenagers that way. That was awesome! =)


bossy lou! bossy lou! bossy lou!

really though... why didn't we ever get to see her?


A great run of a great show! Hopefully you decide to do more stage projects in the future, because you've got a killer stage presence (pun intended? PERHAPS) and are very relatable.

Unfortunately I couldn't really find the words to say how awesome you are to you after the show because I was, y'know, beaten up so badly that I had to have my jaw wired shut after the show let out.

Thanks for being amazing, Chris!


ahh *sniffle* ;)


Wow, I've never seen Chris flip out like that.
I'm scared.


Haha I never thought I'd see Chris mad. -even if it is joking :P- He's just always so sarcastic even when people insult him in any way.
Way unexpected and funny :D

Sad theres no more live. Never got to see if cause he was always so far away. Maybe again next year?

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