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December 08, 2008



Those girls don't know what they missed.

And seriously!!!! Story Hour on iTunes??!!! I can't wait.


Nice to see u again, milord. I'm glad you're enjoying the run there, although it's no Toronto...


I'm surprised the b*tches were not tipped off by the Cute With Chris: LIVE programs, the Cute With Chris buttons and t-shirts, or Peanuts sitting in the back of the theatre... Some people!
Still, I'm glad you had a rockin' show! It's lovely to see a message from the stage again (I've missed them so), and I too am excited about Story Hour on iTunes. Yay.


perhaps they were looking for Rhonda?


i sat beside those girls. i was surprised they left because when you climbed your ladder they were clapping pretty hard. i think they actually screamed.

Kim A

So psyched about the Story Hour in iTunes! I was really wanting to get to see that! Awesome!


oooh, iTunes. All my dreams = alive.

Michael the artmonkey

It takes a special brand of stupid to park your butt in the wrong theater AND then stand up during the monologue to announce your departure!

They must suffer from A.S.S. (Advanced Stupid Syndrome.)


Yes! Story hour on itunes! Maybe those girls thought Peanuts would be the one performing.

getting the word out

hey, if anyone has seen chris' live show, leave a little review of it here.

trying to spread the word and indoctrinate more people into the cult...


OMG! I can't wait for Story Hour on iTunes!!!! Thanks in advance, Chris!!!!


Ha, it's like To Be or Not To Be...

Kyle and Kylene

Hey, we were at the show and are so glad it was on. Laughed our a**es off! Chris rocks live and on the net!

Melissa H.

Oh my god, how unspeakably rude! My undergrad theater department head would have literally shot lasers out of his eyes at them.

Will, 26teen

I was at the show last night and loved every minute of it. Afterward I went to the other boxes at the Elephant Theater to figure out what could've possibly been more important to those two bitches than CWC:LIVE. Apparently, another play called "Kidnapped by Craigslist" was going on next door. Obviously those bitches are just visiting the wrong internet sites...we didn't want them anyway!!


Night is usually spelt with a "g", Chris.





That is classic! I wish I could have been there. Too funny!


"After you left, I made fun of you all night long." LOL!


WTF is an iTune I want one....I've been a good girl this year (note my use of the letters WTF ;) Jesus, bring me an iTune...there will be cookies...for u =)

Rubber_Wonder_Boy (35-teen)

Kirstie = Spelling Bee Nazi-wannabe

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