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December 30, 2008


NO NAME FOR YOU! (name nazi)

Okay, the giftbag looks like an opening scene to a "Kitty porn"

My God, I'm so clever.

No, seriously, though! Look at those eyes!

Mozz Kitty

Maybe the one drinking milk does...
Does your Mom watch CWC? Because that is the only logical explanation I can find for such an absurd yet wonderful gift. Go Josh's Mom for being awesome!


jesus talks? what does he say?


My mom totally gave me this doll last Christmas! So epic. I won't take it out of the box for fear of tainting the purity of Jesus.


lol, that subscript 'God's Son' in case you were confused :P

I wonder what the warning at the bottom is for. I always knew Jesus was unsafe for small children. Cute though, very cute :)


I think I'm having a religious exPURRience!

I think that you should run out and get the Crazy Cat Lady action figure so he could have a friend!


Tim, you must be on to something, my daughter and her husband have one ,too. It,s hanging on the wall at the bar, still pure in his box.


reminds me of a bumper sticker I saw once:

Jesus is coming back
and boy is He mad!


Jesus had nipples?


Chris, My Lord, could either you or your rather muscular friend Jesus please help the kitty in this news article? It seems this horrid police officer wants this cat to die:


jesus isn't suitable for children under the age of 3??


lol! Mine has gliding motion and posable arms! I would love for mine to talk! (I am the person with the Jesus in the box in my bar). And mine doesn't have the perky nipples either...perhaps your box is colder than mine? lol


Your mom is awesome! Cherish her forever!


I looked this toy up on the web and there is also a Spanish-speaking version!!! Well, thank God...I mean...this toy!!


What an awesome X-Mas present (coming from a an agnostic). LOL...I can't believe they have a Hispanic version. So awesome. XP


And Jedi Jesus said "Let the young children come to me... but not the ones under the age of three."


That gift bag is disturbing.


I always knew Jesus would look like a dreamy Kenny Loggins look-a-like buffed-up muscle bear, with perk nips.


Does the cat at the top of the bag have rabies?


Possibly. It does appear to be spitting in the punch bowl.


Why does jesus look like he's jacked on roids ?


my daughter totally got one of these dolls for xmas from my aunt!! jesus is totally rippbed!! he says 2 bible verses and tells the story of feeding all the people with only a few fish and loaves of bread. i begged her to leave it in the box....but, alas, she opened him, played with him for 2 seconds and says, "i put him back in the box for you mommy!"


I got this same Jesus for my birthday although mine came in a sesame street bag.
This is one of the best presents ever.


I got this same Jesus for my birthday although mine came in a sesame street bag.
This is one of the best presents ever.

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