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December 31, 2008



Hmmmm. Well. Happy New Year, Milord, and all fellow cult members!


How very inconsiderate of Martha not to invite you to her New Year's Party...

You are all invited to ours it's already 2009 here in the east!

Click on my CCL Carm... and you'll be at our party!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 to all...


All of Martha's kitties look like they're an inch away from killing her and taking down the empire. My what a fuss. But roll me summa dat homegrown catnip, Maddie!

Martha (not Stewart)

Way to tell her, Chris!! How dare she exclude you!

Happy New Year, Chris, and to all the cult members who make me laugh (and, yes, sometimes cringe). You rock.

Here is to many more laughs and lasers in 2009!


Screw her, Chris; she's way creepy


Happy New Year Chris! Hey, I have a Martha Stewart cast iron stew pot also, it's the heaviest frickin thing ever!

NO NAME FOR YOU! (name nazi)

That so reminds me of back when I was majorly obsessed with CWC.

That paragraph is just classic-Chris.

Anyway, I think it was oh-so very rude of her to exclude her from her festivities.

Let's just have a festivus for the restofus. (tee hee...)


martha is possibly the richest and most well-connected CCL on the planet... scary!


Happy Frikkin' New Year!

I always knew that being under house-arrest had messed with Martha's head... Looks like she finally cracked.

Why do all of her cats look dead inside?


Well maybe you just aren't gay enough. I mean it is Martha Stewart we are talking about.


Inspired by their owner, all of Martha's pretentiously-named, pissed-off Persians have learned to build their own chainsaws and are ready to test them out. Happy bloody new year Martha!


Thank you! That is what I was thinking, too. I mean, the caption for this photo says, "Vivaldi seems to enjoy the decorations," but it looks to me more like "Vivaldi seems to enjoy dreaming of taking a chainsaw to this whole deal" or some such.

I suggest the cult go over to Martha's blog and point these things out (in a polite and courteous manner, of course).


LMAO you're right.

julia niro

the cat looks like a toy D:


I don't know what the big deal is. Those arn't even real cats. They're obviously robots.

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