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December 16, 2008



Poor Koda. Poor your bank account!


That... sucks.

Arloe from Regina

That's weird. When I was a small child and we got our animals neutered/spayed they were still asleep when you went to pick them up - when I got my dog spayed a few months ago I noticed how alert (she walked out of the vets office) she was right away due to the advancments in anesthesias - she was a little sore for the next few days, but was by no means still drowsy. It seems very unusal that 2 days later a dog would still be drowsy unless your vet is using ancient anesthesia...

Janet P

Well Arloe from Regina, studies have shown that some animals perk up around people even when in pain, and yes, also when under anesthetic. And you also must consider that like people, animals can take it in different ways.

So there may not have been a different method used here.


Poor little guy! Poor bank account too! Now there's no money left for that ear reduction surgery Koda's been asking for...

NO NAME FOR YOU! (name nazi)

Ah, drugs.

I remember when I was in the hospital, and I told my grandpa to "shut up bitch"


Anyway, poor thing! And I can't believe it costs that much...



A new dog would have been much cheaper.


You probably could have sued them and made the veterinary clinic pay for it. Just a thought... o_o


What is with you people suing everyone?? It was an accident......

What a cutie. Hope he's okay now, and I hope your bank balance has recovered. The things we do for out pets.


My chihuahua slipped on the kitchen floor... broker her leg. $3000.00 later after surgery and the hospital stay of two days. I now invest $43 a month on the premium package pet insurance. Still get an increased heart rate when she runs around the house.

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