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December 16, 2008



I like the peanuts.


Courtney obviously is afraid that the bag of peanuts is talking about her in its peanut-language. Stop being so paranoid, Courtney.


Not having an imagination is lame. Courtney why don't you tell us what funny is, since you are clearly the expert? I'm sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to see what your idea of humor is. Can't wait. Really.


Peanuts fuckin rocks!

Courto in NY

C'mon Jezebel you're taking things too seriously! I love Cute with Chris regardless of the peanuts or not. Lighten up!! :)


No YOU lighten up Courtney. How dare thee smite thine Lord.


oh no she didn't...


Thus spoke the apostle Leslie226. Praise be Chris. Amen.


she's just jealous. her freaky cats or her fugly lizards arent being shown :PP


but...but...I like the bag of peanuts!
Courtney's comment made me sad.


I agree with Courtney.


The peanuts is lame and it don't even say nothing it just makes shake sounds so it is SUCKS.


Eh, I kind of liked Peanuts this episode. I'm with Ally.

insert name here

of course it's lame, that's why it's funny... You do know this show is supposed to be funny right?

Future Mrs. Peanut

*GASP* How DARE you call Peanut lame?? He is the best co-host this show has ever had! (Sorry Colty) I Chris ever removes him from the show I will be very angry, very angry indeed!


Mr Peanuts is a wonderful co-host, so risque! Don't worry Chris, you made a great choice in our good friend Peanuts. So I'm afraid I must invite Courtney to suck it. Everybody all together now!


The inspirational poster layout.... HOW ORIGINAL! Wow, at least we can rest assured that Courtney won't run out of ideas any time soon.

Peanuts rocks


Suck it Courtney!


Agreed. I love the aht work. And I still love you Chris. ^_^

Ted in Apple Valley, MN

Normally I would join in with everyone else's flaming of Courtney, but there's a part of me that agrees with her. Not because the Bag of Peanuts is lame, but its because the Bag of Peanuts is racist.

Listen again to what Bag of Peanuts says about the lizard pictures in the last episode, or when Bag of Peanuts is first introduced a few months back. Bag of Peanut's hatred towards eskimos and Swedish people is so heartfelt and filled with venemous anger, Bag of Peanuts is on par with some of the most evil terrorists lurking in the shadows today!

Chris, for your safety I worry that your relationship with Bag of Peanuts will turn for the worse, so distance yourself from Bag of Peanuts as quickly as you possibly can!

Or don't. Especially if you've been wronged by eskimos or the Swedish. Then more power to you, I guess...

Norman Gaulin

bag of peanuts....lame.

I want to throw a shoe at it.


I agree with Gabe. Peanuts is lame? Those stupid posters are lame.


hey hey u girl or guy i didnt read the name anyway the peanuts fucking rock so f.u........n speels fun thats what ur not and the peanuts r


yeah, suck it courtney! bag of peanuts rocks.


Firstly it is not a bag of peanuts... secondly it is halarious!

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