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December 04, 2008



chris, your priorities are definitely in the right place. i'm glad you're channeling your energies into your shows and not into bat-c@#*.
thank you for c@#*-blocking.


Thank you for the necessary censorship, milord! Your scruples are showing...

Amy G

Thanks for looking out for us...though by posting a comment we're admitting we tried to see the batc@#k. Hmm, I feel no shame. Well maybe a little.

Sarah aka KB

But I wanna see the bat c*ck! That just sounds so wrong... but what will be even worse is now the google search I have to run to satisfy my curiosity. I now hold you responsible Chris, for whatever dark and disturbing images I may stumble across in my scientific endeavors that may corrupt my young mind.


But I wanted to see it! I mean, how bad could it possibly be?


It's only a wang, m'lord.


I think Chris has done more damage than showing a bat c*ck by having people click and then slapping them on the hand like a kid trying to sneak a cookie.

Pen!s happens Chris. Pen!s happens.


I now love you even more.


i so wanted to see some bat junk.


Thank Chris! That was close, because I WOULD have looked! Thanks for saving me from myself. I'm sick and need serious help.


Chris! What's so bad about cocks? Lol

Courto in NY

Such a tease Chris! C'mon it's a bat!


You say "you're welcome" but I don't believe you heard me say "Thank you" since I didn't! =)

But I did enjoy the tease...



Amy UK

This is even worse than seeing it - im now vividly imagining what it could look like...shudder.

Amy, UK x


The bat looks like he is in pain. I guess that's what you would look like is someone forced you to show off your bits. Poor fella


Chris DID say he would draw the line at showing balls.


This was not the Worst Post Ever. That would go to any of Carm's posts of some of the barf animation posts.


WTH Chris! Show me my picture, NOW!


>>But I wanted to see it! I mean, how bad could it possibly be?

Bad. It's bad.
More horrifying that you can imagine.

Nature can be a stunningly cruel mistress.

This is the Rebecca from Chicago who sent the picture in. I've had it hidden in the depths of my computer for a while and when I saw the pix of the Squirrel, I was compelling Chuck.

But, it's bad.
I actually flinch when I look at it.

(I'm nearly 40 and I've never flinched at...nature...prior to seeing this pix.)

Chris. Thank you.
Thank you for having the fortitude and compassion that I did not.

My massive guilt has now eased a touch.

I promise from this day forth, only cuteness shall reign. And when I say cuteness, that includes kittens with buttons for eyes.

Although, I have to admit...there is some cache on being the Worst Post Ever on cwc. Woot!


Thank you, Chris, for not showing the bat's bits. Today you earned the moniker of MiLord.

Melissa H.

Oh yes, it's so bad to look at reproductive organs. Sex is bad, it's dirty! We should be ashamed!! We should be horribly ashamed of the very vector of our existence!



I want to see some FRIKKIN BAT KOCK !!! Show me NOW.

I mean NOW !!!!!!

Come on. Just do it. I need it.


Censored in Seattle

You are censoring us? You perv around all the time. . . . what the heck? Oh right. ... . whats her name. . . .

"cue crack of whip"


Oh, come on Chris. Don't be that way.

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