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January 16, 2009


julia niro

So your russian now Chris...
Home made Vodka I see...
HAHA oh back in the days when my GRANDMOTHER made it in Russia! ha!

What an awesome family thse 3 make!
Their eyes make me bubbly


This portrait is awesome in so many different ways that I don't even know where to start...


lol! HILARIOUS CHRIS!! awesome


I KNEW you were on the draaaank, Chris. Quit listening to T-Pain already, draaaank is about all he robot-sings about. Buy You a Drank, Bartender, One More Drank. You need more rest, Chris maybe you should consider looking to rent a condo up there in Toronto or perhaps even a mansion all the way in Wis-CAN-san.


Boy, Chris, you're sure going to feel sorry for yourself on April 13 when you discover that IFS4Y day isn't until *MAY*... but you'll have to hold it in for a whole month.


Got me a spare bedroom you're welcome to in Wis-CAN-san. Just say the word.


It's not a mansion but I'll make sure you're cozy ;)

c h r i s s y

The cat's eyes remind me of that crazy squirrel .gif that was around for a while...



IFS4YD is not april 13...
its may 12! remember? may 12 is also my birthday... if you check the IFS4YD episode you'll see that May 12 is clearly stated as the correct date on my homemade IFS4YD hat.



I'm living the dream by just looking at this photo


LOOOVE! that little Santa Hat.


The. Most. Awesome. Portrait. EVER!


Pretty funny the cat is the only one looking at the camera.

He's got the chainsaw look like I've never seen before.

Home made Vodka??!! What the hell kind of Western Canadian are you? You should be making home made Rye.


UNDERSTAFFED?! I hold a sign that says "Will work for fun".


Dammit Chris, Reality Shows? Really? things work out, Turn OFF the TV and step away, we're here for ya Chris, it's ok now


Yes, I also remember that IFSFY Day is on May 12th because it's my birthday. Megan, I may have to make a hat too!


This photo is hilarious. I love it.

Sarah aka KB

Omg, quality picture! That should be hung in a frame with pride.


aww the cat has the resemblense of the couples eyes.


ifs4y day is may 12th. i remember cuz its my dads birthday.


Gotta wonder what it is they are gazing upon!


This is my favorite picture ever. I wish I knew these people!


This is my favorite picture ever. I wish I knew these people!


This is my favorite picture ever. I wish I knew these people!


Excellent Christmas Formal Cat Portrait... rainbowy background and all! Shannon, Matt and Pep-Pep you ROCK!!!

Chris... no need to feel sorry for yourself. I think that we the loyal CWC fans- cult-whatever we want to call ourselves need to do whatever it takes to get more EYEBALLS on this site and on YouTube-CWC...

NBC- once again had a piece on these guys making over $100,000 for having a huge YouTube audience! The guy they featured was Michael Buckley- What the Buck... He was so lame compared to Chris. I couldn't even watch one of his videos all the way through.

Last weekend NBC had some guys site which featured other people's videos called Cute Things Falling Asleep... not even his original material. Again he was totally lame...

I say share the CWC love... If you forward the link to the latest CWC-videos to all your friends... Let's rock the YouTube audience with CWC... Email NBC to feature CWC on their Today-Weekend broadcast.

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