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January 05, 2009



First comment woot!! i have no life xD


also cute little doggy vests i would get one for my dog but there not needed here in australia its way 2 FUCKING HOT RIGHT NOW hehhee cute dogs btw

Leanne from BC

that big dog looks like he belongs withe the S.W.A.T team

NO NAME FOR YOU! (name nazi)


There are no new episodes. (as promised in the last post)


I am a very depressed little girl, Chris.

I think we might have to get a divorce.

We need to talk.


Why does that boxer have pricked ears?


Maybe I am misreading them, but I would say these dogs are definitely gay.


Abi, good point but don't get mad at the Kath in Ill for cropping the boxer's ears... for all we know, she got a boxer from a rescue whose ears were cropped by another owner.

I have to say that I would be comatose from cuteness if I had three dogs that cute living under my roof. Kath, if you're reading the comments, please confirm the breed(s) of the little ones. I'm guessing pom?

diablo's mama

this has got to be the most amazing winter photo yet. i want to know these dogs.

Courto in NY

I'm surprised they're keeping their little booties on. lol cute


Where's the schnapps?


Thanks Chris, for making our dogs international stars, and thanks to the commenters!
To directly respond to some of you:
Diablo's mama: they want to know you, too!
Abi: Dbunny is right - the big guy is a rescue. He was not only cropped, but also abused. He's awesome now - a real sweetie!
Todd: Dribble does hump Rebound daily, so you're prolly right. But we're still proud of our gay dog(s).
Courto: Rebound was already down one bootie at the time of this picture.
Drunkbunny: Re and Drib are Shih Tzus. And yes, we're deleriously blinded by their cuteness constantly, which helps when they poop in the house.

Casio Barnes

Why is the one Ewok dog copy/pasted in? And what is creeping him out so bad?

I can't get enough of this picture; I wish it were a breakfast cereal.

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