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January 24, 2009



Oh poor baby!! I hope she doesn't mind the goggles - I bet they help a lot. And hopefully her eye will be fixed in no time! :)


Doggy goggles = DOGGLES!!! The woman could make a fortune with them!


Day-z is fabulous! Not everyone can pull that look off. Well done, Mary, well done.

Courtney in Arkansas

Ze goggles! Zey do nothingz!!!


Awww. Poor doggy.

Actually Doggles is already a brand of doggy eyewear.

buck winston

chris, just read about you, and think you indeed are cute, in a sardonic sort of way, to borrow an adjective. don't know which way your door swings, but mine swings to the left, so to speak. for detailsm the l.a. times is publishing a letter i wrote to them in tomorrow's sunday paper (1/25). i appreciate you keeping your volunteer work private, and would like to get to knwo what else you keep private. some of your photos are scarily slick, but though i don't have a zoom option on this computer at the library, i have a feeling your tongue is somewhere in your cheek. if any of this works , and you'd like to go out, please contact me at my e-mail. and no need to post this on your site. i love anonymity.


Um, the comment by buck winston sounds slightly neurotic...


wow buck winston, i think YOU are scarily slick. let us know how your date with chris goes. you sound like a catch.


My dog Eddie had the same problem years ago, we also caught it early on and he's ok now.

As for winston's comment...I don't think you're chris's type Bucky, you sound like a creeper.


I can't believe Day-Z was left so long--she's SO BEAUTIFUL. I'd take her over a Labradoodle or a Maltese any day of the week!

Sorry to hear about the cancer, but boy can she rock those goggles. Nice.


Nice, Chris. Now you have the gay bears hitting on you via comments. And writing about you in papers. May I suggest hiring private security?

Frankie (I'm a girl!) in Oz

Is that an Australian Flag around her neck? Sure lookslike it... Very appropriate since it's Australia Day tomorrow (26th)


man... those goggles are freaking sweet!

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