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January 20, 2009


Ashlee Perry

awww lol x


Poor dog, being trained that biting people is cute. Here's hoping he doesn't ever try to show a stranger how cute he is.


The best part is the tongue lolling out the side! Tennis ball, duck, human arm... it's all good.

Linda in Texas

Shadow is adorable. I love the tongue too, lol very sweet picture.
He is not going to confuse it, lol Dogs love to grab arms and hands to get you to go with them and they know the difference between braking skin and BITING and playing and showing you something, get a grip on reality dogs know the difference people.
P.S. I loved your drawing and agree with your mom your talent makes some people hateful/jealous and they lash out cause they wish they had half your ability which at 13 is more then most artists have or will ever have in a lifetime and yours is just getting started so in years to come will only improve with practice so please ignore the harshness of some.

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