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January 08, 2009



Oh this may be the most awesome post i read all night kudos chris!


this is f@cking scary.


ewwwww....still disgusted.


Love the Holly Hobby look!


OMG i sooo thought of the cult when i saw this on the daily show the other day!!!


I never realized this before, but Amy Carter looks like Ron Howard in drag...

Courto in NY

Thank goodness she doesn't have a dead tiger in the background!!


I love Amy on the banner. I don't like the creepy dead tiger people.


I'm bummed that THIS portrait hasn't received 56 comments, so I'll leave a little comment love.

Amy Carter is close in age to me, and thus the details of her White House life always intrigued me as a kid. When I saw this picture last night, I embarrassingly still remembered the cat's name. Yep. (I guess I was a crazy cat lady even in my childhood.)

Thanks for enshrining Amy and Misty in the banner, my lord. They (and the classic portrait) deserve it.


She turned out to be a big hippie protester, didn't she? Awesome.


Is it just me, or does this picture remind you of the girl from the Exorcist?

Don't know why, but that movie just flashes into my hear every time I see it.

Creepy, very creepy


I seriously thought this was a picture of Richard D. James from Aphex Twin! He always puts his face on little girls... but no, it's actually Amy Carter's real face. Yeesh! Love it!


when I first saw this post, I though "Hey, where'd Chris get my 3rd grade school picture from?", but then I realized that it was a different akward-looking child. Cute cat.


Scary-looking little girl. If that is even a girl.


Is slightly afraid.


Do you know what this cats name is!!!!??????? Misty Malarky Ying Yang!!!!! That's Amy Carter's cats name!!! I can't believe this photo is going around. I've been obsessed with this photo forever. My friend Brian is actually Misty Malarky Ying Yang reincarnated.

Lisette in Australia

Poor Amy was never the most photogenic child,was she? Still,lots of us go thru' an awkward stage in late childhood or early adolescence.I'm 42 and still going thru mine.I wonder what Amy looks like now.Anyone have a pic?

vibram fivefingers

I would vote for Buttons in a CUTEDOWN! What he lacks in eyes... is more than made up in orange floofiness!

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