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January 09, 2009



I was wondering what happened to Tony the Tiger. No wonder the commercials are animated!


uhhh? So u losers support killing and skinning tigers?


uhhh? So u losers support killing and skinning tigers?


Well, Jim, at least they're not using Tony as a rug.

tejasmom (53teen)

Hey, you don't know how they got that tiger, I mean, Tony on the wall. Maybe it came with the apartment, like the fridge and the oven. Don't judge. P.S. this portrait rocks!

yaz of Britannia (britain)

u can do so much better than him!!
it would have been nice if you smiled
but i think you could do so much better than a cat skinning manic, with a dodgey beard


That is actually not a tiger on the wall but the rare tiger striped giant flying squirrel. They are native to Brazil and thought to have been endangered until 1995 when their number have ballooned over 2000%. This huge explosion in population has required their groups to be thinned to prevent disease and starvation.


everything about this picture is awesome.



I would love the portrait if i wasnt mourning the big cat....


I find that picture disturbing. The looks on their faces make them look like the could snap at any given moment and go on a killing spree. The only one who looks content is the cat... until it turns around and sees its future on the wall that is.


tony was going to die....eventually. now he lives forever...with those two weirdos.



*ahem* i think i see lasers coming out of Tony's eyes....


I find this picture to be disturbing and soulless (and that has NOTHING to do with the tiger on the wall)


No one said anything about the leather sofa. Looks comfy. This picture is meant to elicit these reactions. (i hope) I feel better that I find it amusing by hoping it's not their tiger.


Tony looks nice in that picture.


I am surprised by the tone of the comments on this portrait.

Disturbing and soulless? That's what these portraits are all about. Well done, Cori and Michael. You have killed everything you feel inside. Bravo.

The only critique I can make is that Michael's hand is not positioned firmly enough in Doc's kitty zone, but otherwise, this portrait is perfection.


Nice. I think you did a great job! Your expression is perfect for a formal cat photo!!!!


OMG - dead creature on the wall, dead creature they are sitting on, and deadpan faces. Dead dead dead and HOW SAD they need to do this for attention!

A. these people need lives
B. See A

julia niro

seeing the skinned animal on the wall does not deserve to be on cute with chris at all.
this coming from an insane animal lover, and vegetarian...
i do not appreciate viewing it, and those are not fans of 'cute' but friends of 'skin' or 'death' with chris.
i'm being serious too :(
go to hell animal abuse!


Where's the DEP when you need them??


If that is a real tiger on the wall, where on earth did you get it? It has to be some sort of antique since there's no way you could get it into the country anymore.... And if you love cats/animals, why would you want a dead one hanging on the wall?


Yeah guys, cause tigers just don't die unless you skin them. It would have been immortal, but they pulled it away from its life of fairytales and unicorns. Come on, its not that bad.

PS - the looks on your faces are mildly frightening.

Salina From Maui

This formal pic is wonderful - except for Tony. I just hope it's fake. But I'm also quite doubtful of that.


thats f'ed up killing and skinning tigers 4 a rug...what do u have that on here chris?,,its not cute


Some of you people are nuts. lol. The tiger is real btw. Its cori's and its from the 60's I think. Her grandfather shot it, supposedly. Theres no visible bullet hole...It probably choked to death on a human infant or something. Now tony is our tapestry. Its the circle of life people. Lighten up.

I did this formal cat picture to make my girlfriend happy, and because we both like cute with chris. We must have made a good picture based on everyone's reactions. We weren't sure if this would be creepy/disturbing or not. Your reactions almost make up for the fact that she posted this pic on facebook--where people who know us can see. AKWARD...

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