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January 30, 2009



some people are so ******* horrible, they should beat that guy up, like he did to the poor dog... yeah... pay violence with more violence, that's it.


Poor puppy! I'm glad you are taking care of him now.


Poor puppy! I'm glad you're taking care of him now.


Oh, what the heck? It said my comment didn't go through so I sent it again... and... crap.


I agree with bwencewm, make the idiot pay for the crime by beating him senseless. These kinds of stories make me SO mad.


Jenny, you are awesome. Your puppy is adorable too. I am glad that there are people in the world like you. And fortunately, I believe that there is a special place in hell like the guy who beat him.

emilyrl from youtube! :)

I really hope that guy gets whats coming to him. At least theres a happy ending here...


Good for you Jenny!
Great dog, great person.


I agree with Bruce. People who abuse animals should be subjected to a more torturous part of hell. SOOOO glad there's people like Jenny who help heal and rescue these animals!! Much love to you Jenny <3


I love how no one comments on the fact that the dog appears to be touching himself, whereas that's all people would talk about if the story wasn't included.

Good for you, though, Jenny, and I'm glad to see Clyde is alive and well cared for now :)


Hasn't the poor dog been through enough without you taking compromising photos of him?


The dog appears to be touching himself. There. Said it.

Poor pup! Lovely Jenny!

When the culprit was sent to jail, I'm sure he got what was coming to him. In the end...


Actually, the pup appears to be modestly shielding his puppy zone. Pretty sly, Clyde!


That's the clearest phone pic I've ever seen. Are you sure you just took it with your phone?

And yes, that dog looks like he's masturbating.

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Actually, the pup appears to be modestly shielding his puppy zone. Pretty sly, Clyde

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At this point the police were called and the man was arrested.


What a cutie patootie! I am so grateful that you helped this blessed soul out - thanks for great people!!!

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