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January 15, 2009





Hey...there's this thing called a period, and this is how you use it. <---

Matt Blank

Wow run on sentence much? But otherwise what a nifty lil wooden kitty. Too bad it's attempts to love me will result in splinters, which become infected and result in amputation. Bad kitty.


Punctuation just called. It misses you.


Punctuation sucks

But wooden shop class cat owns

charlotte 15

shut up and leave my punctuation alone!!!
i was in a friggen hurry to write this email and second of all my pic got on to the website. nanana!!


Great job on the cat. You can go to the fabric store and get some fake fur and glue it on. Then everyone can pet your cat without getting splinters! Nice.

charlotte 15

thanks wendy !!! ^^


charlotte i love your way cool wooden kitty thingie splinters and all but really come on if you're going to use a get out of puncutation free card you're going to have to expect some bad reaction or even some ridicule this is how people are like it or not you can maybe wish a painful splintery death on them but they're going to criticize your punctuation anathema thanks for listening


Was that all one sentence?

Ow. My brain hurts.

charlotte 15

there is no point in anyone else posting another comment on my punctuation.
i dont need such crap being repeated!!!
its about my photo not my writing!!!
i agree i should have checked my writing before sending; but heck i got posted on the website didnt i, so there!! :P

charlotte 15

also chris took some parts of my writing out(i ramble on a bit), proably with parts of my puntuation!!

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