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January 27, 2009



Haha, I'd be pissed off if someone did that to my CWC pen. ( Not that I have one... ) But I doubt I'd lose it in the first place.


Dee, I'd like you first to know that this was not your fault. It's the awful society in which we live. It's a society which cannot tolerate even the word, "bitch," in the workplace--a society in which, at a Staples Business Depot, no less, pens are no longer held with the proper reverence they deserve.

I mourn for your poorly censored pen, and wish--nay, I DEMAND--that Chris find the kindness within himself to replace your pen, so that you may once again bask in its full glory. Good luck.


:o See, this is why my Pens, Bitch pen never leaves the vicinity of my desk in my home. Oh the horror!!


I would have punched them in the face for taking out the best part of that pen. I'm sure theres plenty of other pens around to use, why use that one and scratch out the best part?

Stupid people.

Sarah aka KB

Yep, my pen isn't allowed out of the house either Kelsey! Either someone will be so taken with the awesomeness of the pen and "acquire" it, or it will be barbarically censored.

nicholas in germany

OMG you should nail that mothafucka!
he should be tracked down by the cult, put in a donjeon and fed mouldy horse meat!




fuck censorship.


You are way too trusting to take your pen to work. That being said it sucks that somebody would not stop for two seconds... think about it and look for another pen. It obviously did not belong to Staples to use for customers and it was not their pen so why wreck other people's property. SOME PEOPLE!!!!! ARRRRGHH

I hope they burn in Hell.


is it just me or does she look like M jackson??


I would have thought Staples should have its own never ending supply of pens. How is it they were so desperate for a pen they had to deface a cultural artifact?


what a bitch.
go slap a ho.


*gasp* This is an outrage! I suggest you buy a tracking device so this doesn't happen again.


fucking vandals


Marie: it only looks like MJ cause you can't see her nose

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