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January 12, 2009



So funny to read some of the comments. I'm French and I absolutely don't mean to sound superior - I know I am ;-) - but here we regularly get to see naked boobs in the street on ad posters.

Heck ! Who needs the internet ? Get out there !

All in a day's life for Yann (the perverted Frenchman).

Linda in Texas

READ BEFORE YOU OPEN STUFF. It's the same thing as showing naked guys which has been done as well. Yes I would rather see shirtless men and their cute butts but so I will open those instead. Also 19 is an adult and they have just as much rights to be shown as any other ADULT has if warned. If it says, Please look at my topless photos it means boobs, tits, tatas!!! So don't look!!!


Please don't show any naked trouser regions of men.

Cindi H.

With all the children that come to the site for cute, I can't believe you did not black out the breasts. I am very disappointed.



Why did I look at this.


My dreams ARE dead.


You know, Chris, I would have to agree with all the other comments. But I know this friend who is a perv and would love to see this pic.

Chris H.

You go Chris! You do whatever the hell you want. It's your site and there was plenty of warning. You couldn't even see her face and it was very tasteful. Kudos to you from yet another heterosexual male viewer. Now you have 4 :)


Say what you will about Texas, but there are definitely reasons to live here...


why is it that in pretty much everything it is ok to show boobs but not penises or balls??? guys (and lesbians) arent the only ones that enjoy nudity! us straight (not so crazy cat) ladys do too. be fair! :D

and i definitely (like everyone else) did not expect you to actually show the boobs in the pic! chris youre crossing over into a whole new line of work :P


Sweetness, but why is everyone disapproving of this? This guy owns this site, he can put whatever he wants to on it. I'm a straight male and it's a nice rack. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


-um did the thing I just wrote not post- yup..

I for one approve of nipples-

I think they are appreciated by all mammals

and play their role in cute-

and I would probab;y try come up with whatever justification for support you posting breasts on your site

{I speak as someone who has of course at least attempted to send you nude video of CWC viewer- with her endorsement of course-um she had a cat tail on at the time- so it's ok..}


OK People he posted a picture of a topless chick. If you watched the show or went to the site to click the picture it clearly states that the picture was of a topless 19 year old female. If you don't want to see it don't look! I sure hope you know what your doing Chris.


More hot girls please? There are more hetro guys out there. We're just trolls for the most part.


people suck, that is all


those necklaces are ulgy

Billy Bob

...... wow...... unexpected

vibram fivefingers

I would vote for Buttons in a CUTEDOWN! What he lacks in eyes... is more than made up in orange floofiness!


I don't understand why everyone is bitching.. you can't even see the tits, just the very top of her cleavage. I'm a chick and I'M dissapointed. Am I missing something? Did you once show everything and now it's chopped?


I know I'm super late, put hell I've been watching videos non-stop and have not closed the tab with Rachel's rack... I don't see why the CCL are complaining... they got buttocks pictures all the time... finally Chris gives us CCG (crazy cat guys) a lil' eye candy...


Child pornography scares me... You should take these pics off.

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