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January 12, 2009



Great. Now all the pervs and teen age boys have some to jack off to at cute with Chris. And the women who are older than 19 can be depressed that their breasts no longer look like Rachels. I just turned 40teen and I just compared my breasts to Rachel's and I can't afford a boob job. I do have a stapler...I could lift the girls myself!


PS Now I think the men should show us something too. And I'm not talking about their man-boobs. Let's see the full monty!


Um, wow I was definitely not ready for the tits.
I was expecting something more along the lines of lasers or kitten faces...but

nope >.>


I miss the old chris...


Best Monday EVER!


Cute...with tits


ummm in case its not obvious yet that most of your visotors are surprised that u didn eit the pic at all! it was well disturbing i mean i didnt evern get a warning that tahe girl was acculy going to be naked! im a 14 year old girl!! i dont need to look a t naked girls u should rename ur site porn with chris because now we know what u do in ur spar time.


what? you'll show a topless girl but not a bottomless guy? lol
Wow I really thought it would be photoshoped O.o


Lol @ Nate's post.


okay. fine. as long as this is the closest things ever get to hipster runoff...


ummmmm horror much?
who would do this totally gross

Dr. Eric in Ohio

I thought the description said the cat was in the way? I'm disappointed. I just want to throw a blanket around her and protect her from all the pervy eyes. I thought Chris use to say he felt a responsibility to protect his viewers.


Rachel, you are one devoted CWC fan! Right up there with Van from Ontario.


You get what you click for. You go, Chris!
Jesus is lord.


Nice going, Chris.
Because of that, I can't view your site from work anymore.

Salina From Maui

Wow, she has some very lovely jugs for juice. Well, I guess they are more like...juicy juice lunch packs than jugs. But, yah, nice. :)

Oh, yah, and the cat was cute, too.


Ya know, Chris, I am far from being a prude, nor am I a CCL, but I have to say, too many kids look at your site to post some little attention-seeker's cheesecake photos.

I am willing to bet she intentionally had her cat do this so you would post them. What low self-esteem.

While she does have a lovely enviable pair, I think there is a time and a place, and really . . . this isn't the place.

Jamie Martin

As arguably your first heterosexual fan, I applaud you for this Chris.


Well at least shes old enough to do this... even if i'm not old enough to look ;). well technicly i can i think... this is art right?


Well at least shes old enough to do this... even if i'm not old enough to look ;). well technicly i can i think... this is art right?


pictures of naked children are creepy... Don't show up on dateline, Chris.

Lord Eric Von Munchausen of Texas

Don't see the big deal, its just boobs... on the internet... BIG SHOCKER. No need to be jealous ladies ;P

I think the guys deserved one topless pic after the 4.39 million appearances of naked man flesh.

Besides, its art, people wouldn't be complaining if this was a picture of the statue of David with a puppy on his head.

In Short: Nice rack, Rachel.


thank you for remembering us straight males chris!! :D


Seriously guys, it's just boobs. Get over it. And to the people who clicked and were shocked, IT SAYS RIGHT THERE TOPLESS PHOTOS. So you were warned.


Yes, yes cats can be a pain in the ass sometimes.

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