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January 12, 2009



I agree with others, where are the bottomless men?? If it is legal for you to post boobies, then you should post pee-pees too! I am guessing it is all in the name of AHT.


O, a talent show =)


To the concerned masses:

I'm sure that Chris asked her before he put up her photo.

And showing a guy's lower half is a little different than boobs. It's not like they can whip it out, cover the hole and all is well. (To quote Adam Carolla.)


ewww boobs, i really dont wanna see that. but ethier way cute wif chris is DA bomb! hehe. lol *15 yearold RULE* :D


...not wanted...


Yeah, they're ok.. Mine are better.


Ooh least I wear a bikini when I send in my photos. While I appreciate a nice set of boobs, I'm also on the fence about this one. We all know how many children are fans of the website....


I approve. The boobs droop so fast that Rachel should be showing them as often as possible. They look great Rachel. Sport 'em!

*sigh* I miss mine.


Mandy -

The link itself is not the shock. It's shocking how far Chris has fallen. First the creepy dead couple with the dead wall hanging. Now this.

Lord Eric -

Someday when/if you are a parent or grow up in some other fashion, you will understand.

Sad what you will do for viewers these days, Chris. Is your live show not getting enough tickets?


I hope she sent a copy of her I.D. proving her age with the pics, or you could be in some BIG trouble.


I miss the old Cute With Chris. Just animals, no barely legal attention whores...

Laura B

I wish you would not have shown her boobs. I'm pretty disapointed that you did. It's not what I come to your site for. Don't get me wrong, I love your scarism and point of view....just would rather see you not post nudes.

Robin Paige

Okay Chris I really love your show, but you lost a lot of respect from me. I can't believe you would have the guts to go and post that on the internet and as for the chick she is one ATTENTION SEEKING WHORE. I don't think that was a very smart thing to do on your part you are going to lose alot of viewer with that crap.


I find it odd that people are asking for fully nude males now.

It's actually legal for a woman to go publicly topless in most countries, and in several US states.

Full nudity, however, is not.

I also find it shocking that people went to see topless photos, and were surprised to see topless photos.

It's also rather strange that a donkey having sex with a horse gets no complaints at all, but one and a half exposed nipples is horrifying.

Did anyone complain about the topless guys?


Well, that was unexpected. I didn't think there were any straight guys who watch this. You learn something new everyday.


Seriously unexpected but hey, that's what keeps me coming back for more. Keep up the shock factor Chris. It's just tits nothing 99% of the population hasn't seen before.


But that's the thing. We didn't get a warning. Perhaps I could understand more if it said 'click to see Rachel's boobs' but it doesn't. I've been going on this site since I was 12, and the entire time I've been on it, I would be sure that nothing bad would come up. Heck, this is CUTE with Chris. And it's hardly 99% of the population. What about kids?


Chris, I am concerned about this image.

For one, any site that has nudity is supposed to warn underage viewers and have them verify that they are old enough to view the content. And I'm worried that underage girls will start sending you their nude photos, and possibly lie about their age... and if the parents find out...

I don't know if all this is worth a possible lawsuit.

I really enjoy your show, but I don't like where this is headed.

And no, I'm not some Bible-thumping Christian, I just don't think this was a smart move with the lack of age verification especially. As Chris jokes about in almost every episode, majority of his viewers are teens.


ok... first off, i know i already sent a message regarding your "topless pic" but it was unexpected, especially since teenagers look at your site! plus older cat ladies.. but to make it fair, have men send in pics of themselves too!

Denise be 19 and have a decent figure again. Middle age sucks. :.(.


I know it has been a while since this posted, but I am pretty sure everyone has seen boobs. How else would kids know what they looked like? Plus, many women feed kids out of those things. I do not think you should expect to click on something that was obvious was going to be boobs and not think they would be there.

Keith Brown

One of the three heterosexual men in Chris' audience approves!


Wait, I just thought of something.
You'll show boobs but "draw the line at balls"?
What's up with that?


Thx for the inspiration! I'm going to submit a pic of a lizard on top of my vag. Do you think Chris will like it?


weeeeeeeeee omg chris for my B-day my dad is going to let me go to cute with chris LIVE oh yah . by the way get some squirrels on the show plz.

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