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January 14, 2009



i love that there's tumtum fur on her leg! WHAT HATH SCIENCE WROUGHT?!!


Whenever I hear the word Sasha, all I can think of are donkeys. No idea why. Seems like a good name for one.


Tummy fuzz! Amazing!


Siberian Huskies are fucking beautiful.


That's not sad Chris. That's cute. That's WYSPCH4 Chris! Siberian Huskies who have recovered from pit-bull attacks and now have tummy fur on their legs is adorable! Sasha is what I come here for!:)


Such a beautiful girl!

Our last dogs were Siberian Huskies-red with blue eyes- Sparkle and Shana... Pre-8GR8CATS

We still have the dog sled in the garage... I should bring it in and see what the cats do with it... sleep on it maybe?

I remember combing out those tufts of fur! Never on the legs though... that is wild!


I'm glad the poor dog recovered, freaky leg and all. I hope the attack dog was dealt with appropriately (I know, bad dogs aren't born, they're made, but that's just inexcusable. My neighbour's dog has attacked a lot of people...and she's a shih tzu).


She's so beautiful! Siberian Huskies FTW!


The tummy hair is awesome! Glad you didn't shave it off. But what keeps the tum warm?


And when she rolls over you scratch her....leg maybe?? anyone?


Sasha is gorgeous!!! Glad she is doing better!


I hate it when people say "pit bull attack."
So what if it was a pit bull?
It didn't attack because it was a pit bull.
It attacked because it was an unsocialized, jerk dog.

Most dog bites are inflicted by intact male dogs, but you don't hear people say "I was bitten by an intact male dog." You hear about the breed or color of the dog.
Black Rottweiler, the blue pit bull, the brown Mastiff, the white bulldog.
How about "the unsocialized Dachshund." I've been bitten by more than one of them.

It's not always the same breeds that cause trouble because they're bad, unreliable types of dogs; They're dogs that are popular among people who aren't responsible pet owners. Pit bulls, Rottweilers, Akitas, Mastiffs are dogs which require a lot of exercise and engagement, coincidentally, they're popular among people who are neglectful in general.


Thanks for your concern Eve, but it actually was a female pit-bull that attacked my husky.

The good story is how her leg was saved allowing her to continue to enjoy life. Try enjoying the cute photos on this site instead of getting all riled up.


I have a beautiful husky named Timber (Mr. Tims) and think that they are one of the sweetest and most loveable breeds around. I'm so glad Sasha recovered and this is a great pic of her :)



'It's fun to get worked up over nothing.'

audrey ng

I have met Shasha and she is an absolutely beautiful dog. I'm just so sorry she was attacked so savagely but to see this picture of her now with that cute little tuff of hair on her leg gives her even more character than she had before. Way to go Shasha looking healthy and btilliant.


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