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January 14, 2009



you know those old episodes of the simpsons where they are drawn slightly different and they can look scary? yeah.


"Chris in 30 years, on a bad day."

Single Kelly

Mexican Chris w/ molestache.


WTF? Sorry Cori, but that doesn't look like Chris. It kinda scared me a little


Normally I'm all about the sarcasm and cruelty, but really, this is damned good for a 13 year old. A bit too much of the big anime eyes, but otherwise a good effort.


Don't worry Corie. Criticism only comes from people who can't do anything creative.


It's taken me a while to realize who this drwaing reminds me of and I'm sorry to say it, but: Pee-wee Herman.

My deepest apologies to Chris and Corie for thinking that.


Dude, you guys are nuts! That's freakin' awesome. I think the eyes work with the picture and besides since when is art supposed to look like the thing it's of? Do you know how boing that would be?

Cori 5 stars for artistic liberties!!!


haha! i know the mustache thing sucks but i've never draw stubble before so i was afraid it would look like a bunch of dots.
and his face is crooked...
but fuck I'm thirteen not a professional.
and thank you very much eddie XD


I think it's awesome, and i don't think the critics get that it's a caricature and not a commissioned portrait. I think it's as good or better than the one's they pump out at disneyland. In ten years this girl will probably have some serious competitive talent, so all her dreams are alive. People who leave disparaging comments to 13 year old girls can suck it, tanja.


He looks a little fat.


I think its pretty good. Im creative but not good at drwing people, if i drew that he would look like a deformed horse, props:)

btw im 14.


That's pretty freaking good! Trust me, you're only going to get better. ;)

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