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January 22, 2009



I think this would be a good thread...

What do you do in your CWC shirts? How do they make you feel?

I work out on the treadmill in my LIVE shirt- it energizes me.

My very soon 2 B daughter-in-law- wedding is 2/6- CCL becomes MOTG- wears her "Let's Be Friends" shirt when she's in the mood!

CWC- influencing all of our lives in so many ways!


Biodegradable peanuts make me so happy. I'm scoping the CWC site with my "Everybody's Special" shirt it makes me feel Curious. haha

Sarah aka KB

I searched my whole city for peanuts and could I find them (him?)? No. And you go rubbing it in my face that you can go adopt peanuts in shops in your tiny towns?
Peanuts: The UK/USA divide.

John in IL

Don't feel bad UK Sarah. US Sarah is lying. There are no "tiny towns" in IL that have a Staples store.

Sarah M.

I am not lying. Tiny town = 10,000 people or less.

BTW UK Sarah, you could probably find some online. :) [ ]

Amanda from Normal

I totally LOL'd at your faces! Never seen anyone so excited. Like kids on Christmas morning. LOL

Erik D.

THAT'S ME! Ever since my friend got this photo posted, I've been a faithful follower of CWC.

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