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January 25, 2009



According to the article, "Leavins’ purpose has three streams... The second is wading through the detritus of pet photos that hold almost no inherent interest to anybody but the pets’ owners, and then, using interactive storytelling, finding a narrative infused with more universal meaning than the pet owners could ever have intended."

Even though I have no idea what that means, I think I really want to be "infused with more universal meaning."


now THAT's a bunny hug if ever i saw one!


Great article Chris! I like what you said about being born a 35 year old man. I've always felt the same about myself, except as a woman of course!


Great article... Is Christie wearing some sort of brass knuckles in the picture?


Chris, I'm glad your shows are longer than five to fifteen seconds. Although maybe that could be your next project. I think you'd find it a challenge to write so well that your humour could be effectively conveyed in fifteen seconds.

Oh, and it's not filled with lies (although I cannot verify the veracity of the personal stuff). Just inaccuracies.

boots're 40?! Brad Pitt has nothing on you. Wow.


do what ever brings you the least amount of misery


a tv show????
:D :D :D


that was beautiful I mean cute err not cute....I should sit down =P


Stupid reporter said Pervy has a female voice...uh reporter do your RESEARCH!!!



That was an incredibly long article. I learned alot. TV show? sounds good to me! P.S. I am a woman (54teen) who knits. Thanks for the shout out!


As soon as the cover hit newsstands, I started getting lots of text messages and Facebook posts from my L.A. friends, so not all the LA Weeklys are on the floors of local buses (yet).

While there are some inaccuracies in the story (like about where the button meme came from), it is awesome to see my lord profiled in such depth and at such length. Finally, Chris gets the attention he deserves. May news of the cult spread far and wide. I guess we won't have to cyberstalk that reporter after all.


A lonely 40-year old bachelor... Good Lord, Chris, do you even realize what can of worms has been opened onto you? You're gonna get marriage proposals from those old crazy cat ladies and from the hairy gay bears, too.


YES the excitement of it all! Well done!

I just emailed my sons' step-mother in LA- who will be coming in for our son's wedding next week asking her to please bring me a copy of my very own!


Hi Chris! Don't be lonely... don't you remember that you hate connecting to others? Oh and by the way I think that your work is great and you make people's lives better through your art. I am a 29 year old woman and don't knit but I do feel connected to you through your humor. I hope you can keep it up someway even though it can be tedious I am sure. I need you to find people for me to laugh at to prove to myself that I am not as big of a loser as I think... Or am I? Yeah, I probably am and everybody is special in the monotony of life. Cheers!


Chris, i am one of the many teenage girls who watch your show, and i am by no means "edgy" and i happen to get along just fine with others. its not my fault that both of my friends think your show is weird.



reporter man got colty and pervy merged together. silly siily reporter man.



Wow, that was a long article...
I can't believe your 40, you hardly look it.

I've only recently discovered you're work, but I'd like to thank you for all the hard work you do. I always look forward to watching your videos, and they never fail to make me laugh.


I'm a 21teen.
I don't knit. I crochet. It only requites one stick thing.

I love your show, and and happy for your (at last!) recognition.

Are you more famous in canada?

Kyle in Arizona

Wow, great article.

In addition to the live show, it helps get good perspective on what Chris is doing here.

And that's just cool.


wow, long article... but it was great and thats a good question from lyndizzle, are you more famous in canada?

Missy from Ontario

That's great Chirs! I love reading reveiws on your shows. They bring to light the many layers that makes up Cute With Chris...

Also love the line, 'Is Leavins bipolar? Not at all; he’s just Canadian.'


I loved the pictures of you with the chicken. Those are awesome! Gay Bear Homer.


Let's not bash Steven Leigh Morris for the factual errors in the article. He probably didn't have that much time to fact-check, given that he was LAID OFF as part of the major cuts hitting newspapers across the country. Friggin' idiots. Whatever he got wrong, he championed the live show and lots of other L.A. theatre. Grrrr.

Bridgeen in TORONTO

LMAO lumiLumi. I think I really want to be "infused with more universal meaning" too. Can you really do that Chris?

Also, I want one of those ripped, crumpled, ass-imprinted messes on the floor of LA buses and taco stands! Why can't it be in like, "WORLD Weekly" or something like that... If there even is such a thing... O.o.

Sweet article Chris! Serious congrats on the coverage. I think this front page article will recruit many a more fan to the cult :D. Woohoo!

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