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January 25, 2009



they talked about pervy but not colty. you know, colty, with the woman's voice.


yeah, he said that pervy had a woman's voice, and that would be colty. and colty isn't a perv.


Does anybody know if it's possible for me to get a copy sent to my house? lol I can't get one because I live in Texas, but it'd be awesome to have a copy of it.

Cassie Pooh Bear

I read the article and I truly respect your need for privacy. I envy all the people that were able to go to your live shows because they got to feel that intimate "Chris love of the audience". ~*sigh*~ But the article did help to emphasize that Chris Leavins is more than Cute with Chris. I hope you're able to expand into more collaborative works in the near future!

Martin W

Good job, Boss.

Just be happy now :)

mike kelly

I picked up this weeks LA Weekly cause its free packing material and then I thought hey something about this bunny picture seems familiar. I read under the picture Chris Leavins, and I'm like,"well,that's not Chris Leavins... Oh my God that's Chris Leavins!" Anyway congrats. I hope this brings a whole bunch of work your way. Mike Kelly


what i want to know is what kind of rings does she have on? Please I have to know. Someone tell me. Never seen anything like it.


you have no idea how happy i am for you but at the same time i am also a little sad. do not push yourself my lord. whatever you do ( online or on tv) as long as you like it i will be happy as well ^^ i am off to try to rent a movie you where in a bit ago XD

Bridgeen in TORONTO

I just realized the writer of the article called Chris a woman! Cuz he does the voice of Pervy... Hahahaha.

Imagine a world where Colty and Pervy are one...... Oh god, I just got a chill O.o.


nice article m'lord! if you want to connect more with others (but why?) you should come do more live shows in Toronto! and you do look good in pink even if the furry suit kind of creeps me out.


Fantastic and huge article! Congratulations!
Is there anyway you can put a clip on here of your Canadian TV work or tell us how we can find it? I'm sure we would all love to see it.


wow that was a large article!!! even though im a stupid teenage girl with a short attention span i read all of it!!! great article you're just like mother teresa chris lol jk jk!!! enjoy being a very good lookung 40 year old bachelor ;)


I love the article. I have looked at a few on CWC and this was the most well written. I like the part where the article talks about how CWC hasn't gotten mainstream. Why aren't there more people like us? I have told several people of CWC and they look at me like I'm crazy. It's simply something that someone has to find on their own, & see for themselves. But, I don't tell people anymore about CWC, for that reason. I do wish there were more CCLs and CWC fans out there.


Wow -- I'm 54 and have been watching for about 2 years. Thank you, my CWC community, for making me REALLY feel old. And thank you, Chris.


I liked this article

Cardboard Box Fairy (thnx Sarah!~)

Wow what a fantastic write up on a man who has given me so much pleasure; but it was also so sad to read about how lonely Chris is at times ...

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