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January 21, 2009



That is one freaking ugly baby bird.

Salina From Maui

The Devils Eraser...such fond memories of old CWC. Haha!


there is something really cute about a featherless baby bird.


Imagine it 100x the size ... and coming after you.


LOL on the title...I'm partial when it comes to baby bird cuteness.


woo~! Another Devil's Eraser! I love hideous birds.


What a gorgeous bird. I want one just like it. Or an African Grey would be nice too.


Looks like a dinosaur. RAWR.


Oh my GOD birds look hideously terrifying as babies!! *shiver*


She really filled out beautifully!


At least she doesn't look fugly now.


adorable! and obviously descendant from velociraptors.


people are mean.
the bird looks cute.
you know people, when YOU were little YOU were BALD ALL OVER.
Thats right.

they do look like they are having a good time together...

NO NAME FOR YOU! (name nazi)

Old CWC...I think I'm gonna cry.

The Devil's Eraser...that had me laughing for about 30 minutes.

Courto in NY

They look like an alien as a baby! Good the bird grew up!


Birds are gross in general.

Ms Amanda

Barb that is the only way to imagine it. Oh, I feel sick......


I fully expected to click on that and see a Skeksis. MmmmMMMMMMMMMMmmmmm!!!


chained to the ceiling? I'd go back to then thank you


Lol Toby!


You look like Gelfling, smell like Gelfling, maybe you are Gelfling!


Toby ... for your information that bird is not chained to the ceiling. I have been to the BLOB's house, infact, my little Focker came from her and I have to say that Catherine is one of the most caring breeders out there. Her home is for her birds not for her and her husband. When I first walked into her house I thought I was walking into Africa. Your comment was very unfair considering you did not look at the picture close enough to realize that the chain is a toy ! All Catherines birds fly free in her home and UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE ANY OF THEM CHAINED like you think. You have just insulted one of the top breeders around here. Maybe it was you that was chained as child and if you weren't then maybe you should be chained now !


Toby, my apologies ... my post was supposed to be directed to LIZ, not you. Again, my apologies for this mistake.


Toby ... I have to apologize for directing my comment at you. It was mean't for LIZ. Again my sincere apologies ! SORRY


Fockers mom is right, That is a quicklink attached to the wood Johna is sitting on. It has a stainless steel wire hanging from it with toys attached to it. None of my guys are chained or tied to anything. All are fully flighted and able to fly in their own "free flight room"

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