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January 27, 2009



Wow! I just became a cult member in June of last year so I didn't know the story behind the kitties with the button eyes! Lovely, lovely pictures of oozing infections! I feel so... enlightened... Or nauseous, I'll have to get back to you on that one after I...


Damn. Too late!


This is just a marketing hustle for this movie. There is no real story about blind kittens having buttons for eyes, and their would be no necessity to sew buttons on cat's eyes. You've been duped into supporting a guerrilla marketing campaign, or you are purposely embedding marketing in your content.


Yeah, # 4--Have a little more fun with life! Put some buttons on pictures of your pets (not endorsing sewing them on kittens). And read the book--Neil Gaiman is amazing.

c h r i s s y

Percy is looking mighty majestic!



I even button-eyed myself, but I wasn't clever enough to make the Coraline/CWC connection.


hehehe...I buttoned my eyes a couple of weeks ago, makes for a creepy picture! Of course it went straight to MySpace, LoL.

I can't wait for Coraline!


#4 could be right... After an article in the LA Weekly, it's no surprise to see a guerilla marketing campaign on CWC. He probably got a million deals this morning. Hope they paid you good you sell-out-SOB!!!!


Just kidding. Stop being a conspiracy theorist, #4. Even if it is true, so what? Coraline looks like a great movie and the website is cool and CWC can promote, partner to promote OR even get an honest letter from Stevie instead of an ad scam whenever he wants.

Now go button some eyes on something.


This kitten button story on cwc must have come out months before this movie and was actually really upsetting and grotesque. It's not the kind of thing that many parents of children exposed their kids to either. It would not help ticket sales of a children's movie. I would much rather see creamy teen boobs any day, even a gay bear or two than more kittens with their eyes sewn shut again.

Robin 34teen

Liz do you have kids... I have 3, there is nothing more sadistic than a child.

Life is grotesque and upsetting, the sooner kids learn that, the better.

Later this week I'll be taking my kids to a crack house. "See, this is what smoking cigarettes leads to"


Robin, I about fell on the floor laughing at your comment. "this is what smoking cigarettes leads to"


Whew, thanks, I needed that. :D


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