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January 06, 2009



It's obvious Chris hates people on the east coast... I've sent him *many* different pictures of my cat (and former cat) and other people's pets, all within the submission guidelines. And he will not post them, sure every one in a while someone is mentioned from Florida but never me! ...He just likes Canada a lot.

The Killer Bee Relay Team

I agree that Chris has something against us East-Coasters! Sadly, I also thought that the article would be announcing some kind of east-coast minitour....but alas, no such luck.


Here's the article, itself:


Yeah, Chris. And don't forget Ohio either. We're kind of East-Coast. We're on Eastern time anyway.


Chris only tours to your home town after you move away.

I was born and raised in Toronto.

Not even a couple months after I moved away to St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada...

World Tour kicking off in Toronto.

If you want Chris to come to your home town, move away.

Single Kelly

Wouldn't blame him if he did hate east coasters. Especially Boston folk. Buncha mass-holes. ;)


Heeeeeey, Andy. That wasn't very nice.
Just because we drive like maniacs and have a Dunkin Donuts on every street corner, doesn't mean we're bad people.


Oh wait, Single Kelly said that, not Andy...
My bad. >>

Article in the Boston edition

Click below for the article in the Boston edition. This one is my favorite online version, because it has Chris in his white suit on the main Entertainment page, and because the article includes a clickable link to the site.

Article in the NY edition

Article in the NY edition, which features a bigger picture of Chris.

Article in the Philly edition

Article in the Philly edition. Near and dear to me, because that's how we found about it in the first place (thanks, Mandy!). Click below.

Courto in NY

People on the East Coast Rock!!


Hatin on Chicago, too. (whimper)


Chris.. i know superstars who visit countrys quicker than you. Why don't you ever come to Denmark?


yes come to detroit


yes come to detroit


I second Felp. I'm a Danish fan myself (and surprisingly not the only one.) Maybe we should get together for drinks some time. That is if you're a female non-CCL ...


I live in the East coast and Chris posted my kitty in the cute down too! He's the best


Someone finally posted the actual Philly article! I couldn't find it online because the metro website wasn't working...but I'm glad the Philadelphia article is readable now.

Also, Chris does have something against the east coast. I think he's scared of being ambushed if he ever did visit.


Ya! Come to Boston, Chris!!! We need cheering up more than those spoiled with sunshine California people do!! What do we have to do to get you out here? Quebec is only a 5 hour drive away...will that comfort you??


John from Boston is cute...

John from Boston

Thank You Taisha! Quebec sounds like a GREAT idea! Be reasonable Chris, this would be awesome.


I second John from Boston whole-heartedly! You've got just as big of an audience over on the east coast! I would even treck from Boston down to New York to see your show!


John from Boston



I love how Carm is mentioned. Go Carm!

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