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January 31, 2009



I cannot stop shaking. Ouch.

kelly from Pa.

Poor sweet little puppy. I hope his nuggets heal quickly!


I think I just went sterile.


Poor thing, im not sure what I would do if my balls where frozen to anything..


Is he doing better and healing? Please give us an update on the little guy.


Aw that poor thing...Can I adopt him??


OMG! Reese is too cute! I want him. My mom won't let me have a pet. So watching your show is the closest I get to animals Chris. lol


Awe thats real sad =( I'm in Montreal and yes it gets colder than a snowman's giblets here. Am glad Reese is going to a nice home!

Keith Gabryelski

oooooh, that causes shrinkage.


aw how sad :[
at least he's gonna get a better home, and hopefully no more frozen nutsacs ;]


Glad he is OK now, poor baby!


Why didn't they just neuter him? Poor angel is gonna be hurting twice.


Reese has just this "Nintendogs" style cuteness that makes him last in animal shelter maximum 15mins. Around that time there's half dozen of middle-aged ladies outside his cage talking like "Awwzy lizzle coozy woozy honey buny puppy duppy you love mamma don't you? don't you?"

If I ever get a dog, it'll be either bordercollie or Reese-type spaniel.


ouch!!!!!!!!! (okay I looked ^^;) and Chris you're so random :P


aaaaaaawwwww poor little guy. but i'm glad he was rescued.


poor little guy, but I'm sure he's already on his way to a lovely new home where he won't have to worry about literally freezing his nuts off.


Poor little boy, hope everything is fixed now!


I agree with the neutering idea! He was already numbed up, just clip, clip.....


Poor little guy! How could anyone abandon that? I'm glad he's on his way to a new home, he deserves a loving forever home.

Also - I think he's going to be a big boy, look at those paws!


Chris, stop scaring your viewers, it looks like the frostibe occurred next to his peter rather than the nutsac, one can see the puppy's nipples in the pic, dogs have 8 nipples.

Puppies squat when they pee, and the with the extreme cold that is probably what happened, instant freeze. I am sure he cried loud enough to call attention.

Otherwise that would be one HUGE nutsac and that doesn't develop until dogs are a bit older. Any vets in the house to clarify?


Oh my gosh! Poor baby!!! I hope he finds a good family to keep his nutsack warm!!


You were up here in O-town in December? Had I known I would've tried to come see your show. I blame my attention span on Rhonda.


Why would I click that link? WTF is wrong with me?!? (and, valtrexa, you seem to know an unusual amount about nuts and have quite a name - if you had a popular web show would your videos go anti-viral??)


Wow. I'd never heard of a natural alternative to neutering before. Dang.


Chris, do not EVER falter at the words of those that deny or criticize the reality of the animals in need.

You are doing a wonderful job.

All my best to you, Reese... and the towels that eased his pain.

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