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January 31, 2009



I hope the little fella is doing okay. Poor guy. :(

bb of the happyness

in response to the person who said dogs cant get neutered before 8 months... yes they certainly can. my mother is a vet and I've worked with her all my life and dogs can be neutered 5 or 6 months old.... or a bit earlier for that matter. it has nothing to do with hormones... its whether or not they've dropped. in fact, its the hormones people want to stop. so they wont mark up everything or run off looking for girl dogs and get into potentially deadly fights. so there.


That's so sad. Must be really painful, poor thing.

Sarah Lorraine

Am I the only one who thinks his eyes are a little too... human?



Now my question is, can you pee on the pet to free its frozen balls from the sidewalk? Pee is warm, like warm water.

I'm asking because, we're completely frozen here in Chicago and even though my guyzos are nuetered, I do worry about their balls freezing to the ground.

Thanks Chris.


poor puppy!!! SO CUTE ( not the sac.) that is the most adorable puppy i have seen!!!


That adds a new dimension to the term freezing your nuts off!

Hopefully REESE was neutered anyway after his ordeal- As all good rescue folks know: PETS ARE CUTER WHEN YOU SPAY AND NEUTER!

Michelle- Congrats on your Guest Editorship- I look forward to your posts this week. As Chris' much OLDER and NOT AS CUTE AS HIM- 1st guest editor- just ignore the fans who will hate you simply because you are Chris' chosen one!


Lando's comment:

"I think I just went sterile."

is the funniest thing I have read in this website. Go, Lando!

Stranded in Cinci

I am so glad he is doing well! That is amazing!

What's a little eery, though, is how human his eyes look in this photo. It reminds me of a Patricia Piccinini sculpture . . . The Young Family


Let's talk about something other than the dog. Did Miuchelle even send an application Chris? Because if she didn't, it would be totally unfair.

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